$BBT Moonshot Initiative

Good day fam, there is an ongoing referral program from @TuruGlobal.

Introduce $BBT (the energizer of #Turuglobal ecosystem) to friends and family and earn 5% of the amount they purchased. Aside that all holders earn some $BBT when total holders reach some targeted number.

This is one of the #WEYE initiative. Get involved and earn some nice incentives.

You can get some #BBT on @JustMoney
Available on #Tron Blockchain, Polygon and binance chain.

If you want to learn more about #Turuglobal visit TuruGlobal.com

#FlyWithTuru We Earn You Earn


This is freaking amazing :fire::fire::fire:

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this is a very good initiative and a clear win-win opportunity for all involved parties :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Gracias por la información, todos conocemos la calidad con que trabaja TuruGloblal, es una buena manera de incentivar a los usuarios.


It looks interesting, I am gonna check it out.

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