Engage and earn campaign

Hello #Tronics, happy new month :tada:
I am very excited, this month happens to be my birthday month so I am already in a celebration mood. :grinning:

CCC team has designed a special bot to reward active community members. This bot does not only use telegram activity to reward community but also uses X (Twitter) activity too. I will have a separate post on the bot. The name is #ChickenRewardBot.

#BCC is using this bot to reward their active members in the Telegram group and also โ€œXโ€.

The 1st event ended yesterday and a new one started today. The prize pool is 30m $BCC and it will be given to the top 5 Most engaged community members.

Join us and letโ€™s have fun.

TG: Telegram: Contact @BabyCoconutChickenChat


Engage to earn is really a new model, whatโ€™s the value of $BCC?

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Thanks you for the information I will really like to also have this $BCC coin