Binance Case Study: Reverse Engineering | Educational for Dapps

Binance is the #1 central crypto exchange in the world. What can Dapp developers learn from them in terms of success? Let us do a deep dive.

Average Monthly Visits: 66.9 million

78.83% users use Desktop
21.17% users use Mobile.

While mobile seems important in the case of a central exchange users prefer to access Binance on Desktop.

6.32% Turkey
5.11% Russia
4.66% Vietnam
4.49% Argentina
4.28% India

Binance doesn’t have a strong US presence. That is dominated by coinbase. It is important to see who is using crypto though outside of the USA and these countries are ideal targets for possible marketing and expansion.

Marketing Channels:
69.26% Direct
17.01% Organic Search
4.97% Social
3.99% Referrals
2.24% Email
1.50% Paid Search
1.03% Display Ads

Binance does a bit of everything in terms of its marketing channels. It is super well known so most of its traffic comes directly. You can see that Organic search is also a very good way to gather traffic. I usually see referrals higher than Social but this time there seems to be a lot of social traffic for Binance. I will break some of these down.

Organic Search:
77% come from branded keywords such as (Binance or Binance login)
23% come from Non branded keywords.

Organic Search Keywords:
Binance 26.07%
binance login 2.29%
(Japanese lettering for Binance) 1.19%
(Russia lettering for Binance) 1.09%
(Korean lettering for Binance) 0.8%

Some extra keywords: binance futures, binance p2p, btc usdt, binance pay, eth usdt, bitcoin price, btc bnb, sol usdt.

If your website can be multi-language then that is great, especially in the crypto space. You can see Binance gets some traffic just from different languages. Developers could try keyword ranking for other languages or non branded keywords in this case being the crypto paired to usdt.

Top Paid Search Keywords:
Binance 48.35%
Arb token 5%
Coinmarketcap 4%

You should always show up first when someone searches your name. Sometimes scammers will try to bid on your brand keyword and to put theirs on top. I have seen this happen with tronlink.

Social Traffic:
50.86% Youtube
19.28% Twitter
10.24% Facebook
6.20% WhatsApp
2.75% Instagram
10.68% Other

While Twitter seems to be the home of Crypto, I feel like projects put too much sole emphasis on it for marketing. Youtube allows those to create content that lasts forever. Twitter is for short bursts that get lost eventually. Youtube definitely should be utilized more.

Facebook is surprising as I also feel it is underutilized by a lot of crypto projects. Facebook groups are still used. (WhatApp is also a part of Meta with Instagram included)

Referral Traffic:
This is usually a large proportion of DAPP traffic because its hard for Dapps to market via paid advertising but for a legal entity like Binance this is no problem.

20.7% (Survey/task/offer website) - Earn Crypto by doing tasks

31.37% referrals come from Lottery type industry
21.87% come from investing type industry.

I always see coinmarketcap being one of the top referral sources. Projects really need to get listed there with all their data correctly as it drives a ton of traffic. What is surprising is that Binance gets a lot of traffic from survey/task/offer websites most likely giving away free crypto for users to sign up to Binance.

Display Ads:
PopAds 72.18%
Google display 6.16%
Propeller Ads 4.86%
Impact 4.24%

Binance main display ad network is Popads and not Google but remember display ads only count for 1.03% of their traffic.

Summary (The juice):

  • Optimize for Desktop when it comes to exchanges but I usually see a 50/45% split so do both.
  • Focus on these countries as they already know crypto, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Argentina, India
  • Organic search is vital all projects need to be ranking via SEO for keywords related to your brand and search terms
  • Ranked Keywords can include other languages if your dapp can be translated and crypto pairs such as “trx usdt”
  • Socials are important, Youtube is #1, Twitter #2, Meta #3. Use them. Focus on Youtube.
  • Referrals are a main source of traffic especially for Dapps that can’t advertise. Top referrers can be survey/offering sites or coin market cap/trading view related sites. Get listed everywhere.
  • Dapps shouldn’t focus on Display Ads as it is only 1% of traffic. They just don’t work and don’t bring in investors.

Thank you so much for taking your time to publish this great information.
Very important in this crypto space. I hope all teams take this serious and know what to work on and where to… Its good to market your product


This is really interesting and informative to say the least, nice read from top - bottom, but got me wondering;

How can Dapp developers optimize their platforms for both desktop and mobile usage considering the preference for desktop access on Binance?

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I would suggest doing both because other Dapps have a 50 to 50 split.

Binance seems special in that a majority of its users use the exchange on desktop. It might be similar with other exchanges too.

I personally use CEX on desktop too even though I have the mobile app. :laughing:
I just feel more secure utilizing desktop for financial banking and such but that’s just me.

There seems to be a business opportunity for ranking crypto SEO words. :grin: A lot of projects would benefit from this.

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sure, just found out why a project renamed of their products.
Great opportunity

Information is power, we keep learning on a daily basis :handshake:

This emphasizes the importance of considering user preferences and providing a secure and reliable experience on desktop platforms.

Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge. If Dapp projects on Tron should utilise this information, it will surely help them achieve a lot success.

Thats is a very great information and it will help dApp developers know exactly how to target users.

But why is Nigeria not in the list of countries that knows crypto. My Nigerian brothers eat and sleep crypto.

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