PancakeSwap: The 1st Driving Force For DEX | Educational for Dapps

Pancakeswap rose to fame as one of the most used DEX’s in crypto history. This was during the DeFi boom and it is still very popular within the crypto space. Lets take a look at how PancakeSwap conducts itself.

Total Visits
6.4 million per month.

46.64% Desktop
53.36% Mobile

Unlike in my Binance case study users seem to prefer mobile when it comes to using Pancakeswap but it is a very close race.

13.41% USA
6.09% France
5.60% Russia
4.30% Turkey
3.92% Italy

While Binance CEX has no presence in the USA their main blockchain DEX is most popular among Americans. We also see the familiar Turkey and Russians.

Marketing Channels:
62.27% Direct
24.36% Organic Search
8% Referrals
3.31% Display Ads
1.85% Socials

Organic Search seems to be a clear winner with referral traffic coming in hot.

Organic Search:
87% Branded Keywords (Pancakeswap)
13% Non Branded (Usdt, swap)

Search Terms:
46% pancakeswap
12% pancake swap
1% pancake
1.01% pancakeswapv2
(BSCswap, Cake Swapm Cake Crypto, avax swap, Japanese/Russian lettering)

Most of pancake organic search is coming in from its own name keywords. We can see that some users come in from “blockchain” swap instead as well as different languages.

Referral Traffic(8%)
Other Sources
(,, gecko terminal, bsc scan, defilama, dextools)

We can see the more you list the more traffic you might get. Pancake gets a lot of referrals from listing sites like CMC and CG. They also have a survey/offer type of referral too.

69.45% Twitter
18.70% Youtube
4.95% Telegram
2.59% Facebook
1.59% Vkontakte

Most of pancake swaps social traffic comes from Twitter. Youtube I feel for them is underutilized as well as Facebook.


  • Developers should be optimizing their dapps for mobile and desktop.
  • USA, France, Russia, Turkey, Italy seem to love pancakes.
  • Organic Search is again huge so developers should focus on SEO and ranking for keywords for their brand. Non branded ones can be things like “blockchain swap” or again different languages.
  • Listings sites are huge for referral traffic in fact CoinmarketCap gets a massive amount of traffic… more than Binance. Try to get listed everywhere.
  • Twitter is needed, but I would utilize Youtube and Meta. Telegram is also a great choice. Keep in mind your socials and build your audience.

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

I still recalled how trending Pancakes swap was during the defi inception

Although some funny experience with it tho.

Yes there should more concerned for developers for their mobile users.

I got to feel like each of the social Media has it best
Zone or regions for marketing campaign.

looking at this too, it means the US like dexs more than Cex. I would love to see Coinbase info too. With that I can draw my conclusion. Is Not Your Crypto, Not Your Keys working in US properly or different Cex is their favorite but all the same good win for Pancakeswap. Personally I use it a lot. I love it

Coinbase has around 32M monthly users and 58% are from the USA. So a lot more than pancake swap. CEX still wins over DEX by a landslide.

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But why then does the US seem to be a crackdown to Crypto?

The have this huge users based using CEX

Cex is still a King lol
thank you

The SEC doesn’t have clear crypto regulations. Coinbase is actually a public traded company listed on the NASDAQ exchange in the USA and basically are the exchange in the USA but they are fighting their own government because the government feels the U.S. Dollar is threatened.

Too many old people as well in USA politics. The president is 80 years old.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
It shall be well

Oh I see, I thought it only my county that had oldest president.
The feel like the US dollar will be lost to Crypto
That is why the fighting it.

The end shall tell

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La SEC precisamente es un organismo el cual la mayoría de gente debería estudiarlo con atención, por todos los manejos detrás del telón, cuando cierra la bolsa de valores, más bien que de valores de intereses creados para unos cuantos. Sino que pregunten por los bonos que se venden y compran al antojo de la Fed. La mayoría de las empresas que cotizan en bolsa sea el indice del NASDAQ u otro, no presentan el valor que indica ese indice, las auditorias se han comprado y elevado el precio de las acciones, COINBASE, está establecida en EE.UU por intereses de estos mismos ya que una buena parte de la empresa pertenece a una banco.
Seguiría explicando pero me extiendo demasiado, durante mucho tiempo he estado en la Bolsa de Valores y se como funciona.

Thanks for this great information, well analyzed