What blockchains do you use besides Tron?

I usually use EVM chains like BNB and Moonbeam. What do you guys use and why?


I like BNB so many different degen plays :partying_face:

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Binance Smart Chain is my #2 because PancakeSwap is so widely used.

I’ve also used Fantom during its DeFi craze as well.

I always come back to TRON though, once you get the taste of $0 fee transactions its hard to go anywhere else. :laughing:

I diversified big into Terra but we know how that ended…
Now just Tron and still loving it
IMO still the best chain

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Tron was and its still my first love, i have been on Fantom, BSC, Iotex but in all Tron rules, and IOTEX comes second.

Ethereum L2s (arbitrum, optimism, soon zksync and starknet)

Binance ( BNB ) comes to mind. Pancake swap making life super easy. second Blockchain I use after Tron #TRX @TRONCHAIN

I like ThunderCore and Ethereum classic for my degen plays