The Rise of Pepe Coin and Binance Listing

Pepe Coin is a relatively new cryptocurrency that has been gaining popularity in recent months. It is a decentralized digital currency that operates on the blockchain technology. This cryptocurrency is inspired by the infamous Pepe the Frog meme and has quickly become a fan favorite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In this thread, we will discuss the rise of Pepe Coin and how to get your coin listed on Binance.

The Rise of Pepe Coin:

Pepe Coin was launched in early 2021 with the aim of becoming a meme-based cryptocurrency that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. The cryptocurrency gained popularity in a short period due to its unique branding and community-driven approach. The Pepe Coin community is known for its memes, jokes, and playful approach, which has helped to attract a large number of users.

One of the reasons why Pepe Coin has gained so much popularity is because of its strong community. The community is actively involved in the development and promotion of the coin. The community regularly creates memes and shares them on social media, which has helped to increase the visibility of the coin. Pepe Coin has also gained popularity due to its strong partnerships with other companies and platforms.

Another reason why Pepe Coin has become popular is because of its low transaction fees. The transaction fees for Pepe Coin are significantly lower than those for other cryptocurrencies, making it an attractive option for users who want to save on fees.

How to Get Your Coin Listed on Binance:

Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Getting your coin listed on Binance can help to increase its visibility and popularity, as well as its trading volume. Here are the steps to follow if you want to get your coin listed on Binance:

Step 1: Prepare Your Coin for Listing

Before you can list your coin on Binance, you need to make sure that it is fully prepared. This means that you need to have a working product, a strong community, and a well-written whitepaper. You should also have a clear roadmap that outlines your plans for the future.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Once your coin is fully prepared, you can submit an application to Binance. The application process can be lengthy, and you will need to provide a lot of information about your coin, including its history, development, and use cases. You will also need to provide documentation, such as your whitepaper and other supporting materials.

Step 3: Wait for Approval

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to wait for approval from Binance. The approval process can take several weeks or even months, depending on the volume of applications that Binance is receiving. During this time, it is important to continue developing your coin and building your community.

Step 4: Meet the Listing Requirements

If your coin is approved for listing, you will need to meet the listing requirements set by Binance. These requirements may include a minimum trading volume, a certain number of active users, and other criteria. Once you meet these requirements, your coin will be listed on Binance.

In conclusion, Pepe Coin has gained popularity due to its unique branding, strong community, and low transaction fees. Getting your coin listed on Binance can help to increase its visibility and popularity, but the process can be lengthy and requires a lot of preparation. By following the steps outlined above, you can increase your chances of getting your coin listed on Binance and reaching a wider audience.


You said ‘you can apply to Binance when your coin is ready’.
Can you give some more information about the application process?

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Very good to know and thank for the information.


That coin they call $pepe is not my mate o.
I will observe bit from Binance


I have also seen lots of good projects that have met and eagerly ready for binance listing any day anytime but all to no avail, trust me politics is everywhere , that is why corruption and favouritism will never ceases to exist,… Elja is a very big fan of CZ and great supporter of BNB ecosystem, I think this story has already explained itself, no need of me going further,…:blush:


The community is strong and vocal on all social media platforms and they’re really pushing…


Lols … I thought I noticed this alots.
Politics everywhere,.
Secondly connection could make that up.

Yes, come to think of it.
We have good coin and Token seeking to be listed on Binance and other top exchanges even in incubation zone… But if your criteria not met…then no need.

You said it all


Sure, I’d be happy to provide more information about the application process for getting a coin listed on Binance.

To apply to Binance, you first need to go to the Binance website and navigate to the “Listing Application” page. On this page, you will find a form that you need to fill out with information about your coin.

The application form will typically ask for information such as your coin’s name, ticker symbol, blockchain type, circulating supply, total supply, and other technical details. You will also need to provide a detailed whitepaper that outlines the technology and use case for your coin, as well as any other supporting documentation such as code repositories, social media accounts, and community channels.

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the Binance team. The review process can take several weeks or even months, depending on the volume of applications that Binance is receiving at the time. During this time, the Binance team may reach out to you for additional information or clarification.

If your application is successful, you will receive a notification from Binance and your coin will be added to the exchange. However, it’s worth noting that Binance has strict listing criteria, and not all coins will be accepted. Binance typically looks for coins with strong use cases, an active community, and a solid development team.

In summary, the application process for getting a coin listed on Binance involves filling out a detailed form and providing supporting documentation, which is then reviewed by the Binance team. If your application is successful, your coin will be added to the exchange.

Feel free to ask any questions


Best bet is to trade it on binance, that buy and sell order may come in handy if you’re a day trader, NFA.

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While it’s true that the process of getting a coin listed on Binance can be competitive and there may be some politics involved, it’s important to remember that Binance has strict listing criteria and only lists coins that meet its standards.

It’s also worth noting that Binance has a reputation for being transparent and fair in its listing process. In fact, Binance has recently launched a new program called the “Binance Smart Chain Verified Program,” which aims to provide a more transparent and fair listing process for projects building on the Binance Smart Chain.

That being said, it’s true that networking and connections can play a role in getting a coin listed on Binance, as with any industry. However, ultimately, the success of a project will depend on its ability to meet the listing criteria and provide a strong use case for its technology.

In the case of Elja and their support for the BNB ecosystem, it’s possible that this played a role in their listing on Binance. However, it’s important to note that they still had to meet the strict listing criteria and prove the value of their project.

But would you also say CZ is friends with the devs over at PEPE HQ and this influenced their listing? I think not, it’s all community driven
So stop mentioning Elja’s name before it goes boom :boom: in your face :joy:


Please any information about paying Binance for listing your coin or token??


“PEPE” peppering people since 1860


Elja is a great influencer with a great community, what else do you except


Yes he is ,
In fact I believe most influential forces can
Take any CRYPTO coin or token to any height


The question now is, how has these memes that lack use cases being finding its way to major exchanges?

Are these requirements met by these projects?
To me, it’s a NO. And it’s disappointing how these exchanges sacrificed utilities over trading volumes. Binance, just like other exchanges has been listing lot of shit coins lately only to increase their trading volume while leaving projects with real use cases out of its platforms or frustrating them with high listing fees. What could be the solution to this or should the whole crypto community join the meme wave and leave out utilities?


Thank you bro for saying this. I believe :100: that all these major exchanges are no longer interested in the utilities of the tokens that they list on their platforms, rather how these tokens can increase their trading volume and who is strongly backing these projects. This is a very bad approach and will surely harm tech in the long run


Lols, yo bro…
I now believe this, maybe as long as you command
Huge trading volume as a coin.
Then big Exchanges for you.


Yess and i think also this can create a cycle where the token’s popularity feeds on itself, leading to increased demand and higher prices. It is important to do extensive research and due diligence on the token team, technology, and potential use cases before making any investment decision.


The Pepe community is too strong ( for want of better words) and the momentum is too much…


So many meme coins flowing on eth, but the gas fees aren’t encouraging