BlockFabric: All-in-one platform for building, deploying and managing smart contracts

This was well detailed and easily understood, thanks for replying. Kudos on your buidl and shuffling between both projects, take energy drinks when required and take naps when necessary, goodluck on everything!


Greetings @jnlewis ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

Team Name:
Team Members:
Smart Contract Links:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!


@jnlewis Welcome to Tron Hackathon S5, Can you please explain analytics component. How it is going to work. Thanks

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As someone who is not a Developer the concept of allowing the average user to have access to smart contract technology is great. I like the inspiration behind the project :raised_hands:

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Hi @adeel , thanks for the question. Currently, the analytics dashboard will show you transactions made to your contract, so when any methods on your smart contract is called that has a transaction record on the block, it will show up in analytics. The dashboard also allow you to filter by dates. From the technical side, how it works is when you load the module, it pulls data from tronscan API to fetch the transactions, and then store a copy of these data in BlockFabric’s database, along with the latest fetch blocked and timestamp. This is required to throttle the request to tronscan API, so that if the last fetch time is within 10 mins, it will not call the API again but instead use the data that is available in BlockFabric.

The feature at this stage is basic, but for analytics there are many features that can be considered in the future if there is demand for it, like showing contract balance over time, gas usage statistics, and more.


@StevenTRON Thank you for the kind words. This is the exact reason what BlockFabric is developer for!


Thank you for sharing. I am reviewing this project by seeing the introduction, the diagrams and briefly looking at the website product.

This project works to bring together compilers, templates, documentation and other tools to make a dream team of deployment controls for working on your own project.

Unfortunately I saw that the website is gated so that only visitors with TRONLink or similar could proceed. This is unfortunate because it would be helpful to use the website to show more off rather than sending people away.

For the project in general, I think this is a good selection of tools. The templates seems to be the main selling point, things that you can use to help people get started. Please see Ethereum Remix, they also have some templates you can steal. Some templates are provided already and I’m looking forward to find more. Keep it up!

As per my knowledge Tron is a TVM compatible and there is some difference between TVM and EVM chain so how are you connecting/ allowing contract deployment from both BNB which is a EVM compatible chain and Tron which is not from the same platform

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I believe BlockFabric’s most compelling feature is its unified platform, simplifying the process of creating, deploying, and managing smart contracts. By streamlining these complex tasks, BlockFabric can significantly lower the entry barrier for developers new to blockchain, making the space more accessible and driving widespread adoption of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Thanks for taking the time to review the app, and I’m happy to hear that the analytics is helpful even at such an early stage. Custom alerts/notifications is a fantastic suggestion! The technicalities behind it may prove to be challenging, as we currently try to avoid taking email addresses to maintain decentralization, but there might be other notification channels worth exploring. Will definitely consider this, thanks!

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@fulldecent Thanks for the interest and taking the time to review the app. The app relies on a connected wallet in order to save or load your data, hence the need to first connect before being able to use it. Without connected a wallet, there would not be much to see or do once inside the app. As apposed to BlockFabric, Remix target users are intermediate to advanced developers, but we’ll definitely look at Ethereum Remix for inspiration on the templates.

@Aviwagh Thanks for the question. You are correct, both Tron and EVM runs on different engines and the same implementation cannot work on both Tron and BNB, hence even though the UI is consistent but underneath it we use different blockchain providers. As in the technical docs, for TRON we rely on the tronweb package to handle deployments, and for BNB we use web3.js. As for compiling the contract codes, we can leverage the same package (solc.js) as both are in solidity. Also for getting blockchain data, both are using different block explorer APIs, for TRON it’s Tronscan.


UPDATE: We have just launched the official documentation site, currently in draft mode with the outline and docs structure ready. The details for each page will be filled in over time. This is in preparation for the next phase mentioned in the roadmap for a Dapp learning center where we’ll be publishing guides on how to build and manage smart contracts. The docs site is temporarily hosted at and will be made available on the main BlockFabric site after the judging period is over.

Nice project so this is a preexisting project and you integrated the TRON network.

It will be nice to have building blocks instead of just plain old solidity code though…

Though is good that you have templates…

Otherwise, you have quite a solid project we play a bit with it!

onchaindev :white_heart:

impressive work!! :bomb: :boom:

UPDATE: The BlockFabric official docs site is now up at with useful guides on how to use the platform.