Bond by USTX Team - Enabling USTX long term sustainability

While users are free to engage in arbitrage operations, are there any safeguards in place to promote fair and orderly market behavior, particularly during times of high volatility or liquidity stress?

Thank you for your reply to me, I see that you have been working very hard in a long time, please tell me what have been your major challenges so far in this your journey, thank you

Welcome to Tron Hackathon season 6. Looking forward to May 7th. I would love to test this as well. I wish you all the best.

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Hello Sirluk! Good to see you around! Thank you for submitting your new project to the hackathon!

I have some questions:

  1. Are bonds going to act similarly as USDJ and TRX for the Justable from TRON? Are you taking USTX as collateral for the bonds?

  2. What will incentive bond emiters and redemptors to use this new feautre for USTX?

Willing to see your dApp in the testnet to test it out and provide further feedback! :slight_smile:

Keep on building!


The first project i came across and see the new track Builder, which projects are allowed to take part in builder track?
I assume the projects who are actively building?


Builder track is for projects that were presented in previously editions and are significantly improved


Welcome and best wishes on this new season USTX team :raised_hands:

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Hello ,i really liked your project… hope to see you and know more about this …


Thanks for the questions.

  1. No, it will not work like USDJ (that does not work btw). USTX bonds are just a way to fix the price and prioritize the use of protocol earnings to pay them off, before other uses.
  2. We deeply thought about this but decided not to incentivate bond redemption to avoid market manipulation.

Working smart contracts are on Nile, links above


Hello @Sirluke , do you have USTX test tokens? I’d like to test your testnet dApp now that is live :slight_smile: TJDMQzjJSh5eC8WezVtnDXDuWXAwjV23eF.(Nile)


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Sure. I won’t have access to a PC till tomorrow night. I’ll send you ustx and usdt in about 24 hours.


Welcome and best wishes on this new season USTX team!!! :pray:t2:

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Nice work guys :muscle: casted vote for you. Keep it up!

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Wishing you all the best :raised_hands:


Great work and great to see that you will do anything for holders.

Seems like a great idea and a failing proof mechanism.

Although the mechanism won’t be used at all as far as I understand in case the price remains above the target or the target is changeable I mean the 0.01 USDT?

And the bond is a safenet as long as the protocol revenue could collateralized it, there is a cap to that ?

Great work love your products and I use them each time and the workflow is outstanding :heart:!!


Thanks for the appraisal.
It’s correct that Bond is a failsafe for users if things don’t go as planned. We all know that crypto success depends on user confidence. If the users are protected they will be more willing to hold and stake and participate. All this means price stability and growth opportunities.
The funds for bond redemption come from protocol revenue and allocated funds from the team. The protocol revenue are not capped, but marked driven.

Good luck!


Could you elaborate on how the USTX Bond mechanism strengthens the overall USTX ecosystem, and what specific benefits it offers to users and project sustainability?

Wouldn’t you feel more confident in buying something knowing that the price will not go below a certain value? Like buying a car knowing that the producer will buy it any time at the same price?
USTX is a low volatility token by design, with Bond we put another level of protection for our users that will be less willingly to sell during weak market conditions.
Meanwhile all our yield producing dApps (WARP, T-Boost, Staking and Ergon) keep rewarding our users with great APRs.
This is USTX ecosystem.


Ok that is nice. Will there be any chance for the value of the asset to go above the price it was purchased at, or was pegged to be at a certain price?

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