Breakdown of the features that set Tron Apart

According to the recent tweet shared by TronSpark,

Tron Has Over 45 BILLION In USDT :moneybag:

Which doesn’t include other stablecoins that are thriving on the network.

Below are the breakdown of what makes Tron so special :point_down:

  • Trusted Blockchain

Tron has been processing transactions for 5 years without any of the major issues that other L1s had

Making it a popular chain all over the world

  • Cheap to Move

No one wants to spend $100 to make a transaction

Being able to instantly move stables is a huge use case that Tron offers

  • Enterprise Solution

Exchanges, trading desks, & corporations all use Tron as their backend solution to move stables around

  • Tron has been stable & reliable for years

  • Cheap & easy to move funds around

Tron is the preferred home for stablecoins :moneybag:


What are you most excited for, in the blockchain?

Let’s hear your opinion in the comment section.


I so much love the fact that USDT on Tron blockchain is a great choice for users who are looking for a stablecoin with low fees, fast transaction speeds, scalability, efficiency.

I love TRON


About the security, low fees and fast,… you will live long with less blood pressure I you found these in Blockchain


Very cheap especially on cexs and also of you have energy transactions are free when sending from one wallet to other. Again I don’t have to wait for minutes for confirmation


That is great to hear :+1:USDT on the Tron blockchain is a great choice for users who want to leverage the benefits of a stablecoin. By offering low fees, fast transaction speeds, scalability, and efficiency, TRC20 USDT really provide the users with a great experience in the crypto market.

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Same with all of us bro :pray: Tron has really made us enjoy calmness while investing in this market through providing the best security infrastructure. And as these hackers keep exploiting ways to launch their attacks, I hope that the team will continue developing/upgrading the security infrastructures of the blockchain to make it impossible for these bad eggs to succeed in causing harm to the Tron community

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Exactly bro! Transferring assets through Tron has remained the best. With Tron, we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollar nor wait for hours for transactions to be executed. Imo Tron is delivering what other blockchains promised :blush:

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Guess what is the big flex with USDT TRC 20




the good thing now is that some big accounts on Twitter have started speaking the truth.

Tron is the most used chain in the world.

We know when we talk of #Nfts, eth is king

And when we talk of stables especially #usdt no tron is King of Kings :crown::heart::black_heart::earth_africa:


I agree, it’s great to see that more people are starting to recognize the potential of Tron, including fast and cheap transactions, a large user base, and a thriving ecosystem of DApps.

I think you’re right that Tron is the most used chain in the world when it comes to stablecoins.
I’m excited to see what the future holds for Tron. I think the network has the potential to become a major player in the blockchain space.

I also agree that Ethereum is still the king of NFTs.
Tron is making some serious way up in this space as well.
I believe TRON as a very promising blockchain project.

It has a lot to offer, and I think it’s only going to grow in popularity in the years to come.


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ETH is the king :crown: NFTs and the home of Whales like you guys

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I own 0 eth now :joy::joy::joy:
empty wallet

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0 eth could mean 100eth in the the whales club language

You got the understanding… Sharp.
When you approximately to nearest whales holder
@Prince-Onscolo with 100 Eth.
You with 78 Eth

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Oh I see You mean -78 eth :joy:

GM boss.
Happy new week.

Please don’t confuse us
We learnt you just stacked up
To 80 Eth… yes or no?

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Good morning sir,… congratulations to you for taking the bold step :ladder:

tron has not dissapointed so far. but what happened to ETH 2.0??