Good morning #Tron devs.
Please this is a suggestion I am making.

Currently we can add #BTTC on MetaMask.
Most of us find it difficult to use MetaMask and Trust wallet has been one of the best multichain wallet.
You can hold #btt (trc20 and erc20 bep20 and others) on trust wallet but the #BTTC is not included.

As we are seeking for more visibility, I suggest you work on that too so that we can be able to add or custom #bttc tokens on trust wallet.

Thank you and have a nice day


I still prefer Trust wallet to metamask


Trust Wallet is widely recognized as a user-friendly wallet :person_raising_hand:
By enabling the addition or customization on Trust Wallet, it could potentially attract more users.


exactly, recently I introduce it to some people and they were amazed. One of the best wallets. Really love their dapp browser

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You can also hold btt on trust wallet on bttc chain.

Works on Android, Someone Please let us know if it works on IOS

All you need to do is

  1. go to add new token
  2. then it asks you to select a chain click on plus button(should be in right upper corner on mobile)
  3. There click on Network
  4. fill the fields as follows
Name :- BitTorrent Chain Mainnet
Symbol :- BTT
Node URL :-
Explorer URL :-

  1. For test net add
Name :- BitTorrent Chain Donau
Symbol :- BTT
Node URL :-
Explorer URL :-

  1. You will be able to find BTT on your trust wallet and use it as all other tokens.

Using IOS
Nothing is there bro

Can you show me screenshots please

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I am using android

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oh ok thanks, which means it is not yet available on IOS

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@ankitmawle please does their dapp browser support such chains added manually?


I Minted This cruze NFT from Trust wallet dapp on bttc donau chain via added network

It actually works.

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Thank you so much. Waiting for IOS update. Hopefully they add that option soon.

It was simple right?

I have used many mobile based wallets for evm based applications and the process seems same for all of them, its quite simple.

I am thinking of starting a blog, and a youtube channel, let me start with this, I will send you a link of the blog asap.

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alright brother
always here

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Nice suggestion but I think Tron network the God father should be added first, I still wonder why Tron network is not yet added on trust wallet dapps

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It is easy to add bttc than tron. Tron blockchain works different

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Oh I see, thanks for clarification

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