How to add Tron Blockchain on METAMASK browser

To add the Tron blockchain on your Metamask browser, please follow the steps below:

Open your Metamask browser extension and click on the network dropdown menu.

Scroll down to the bottom and select “Custom RPC.”

In the “New RPC URL” field, enter the following URL:

In the “Chain ID” field, enter the number 1.

In the “Symbol” field, enter the currency symbol TRX.

In the “Block Explorer URL” field, enter the URL

Click on “Save” to add the Tron blockchain network to your Metamask.

You should now be able to see your Tron wallet on Metamask and perform transactions on the Tron network.


Checked and you can only add Binance-pegged trx through Binance smartchain because MetaMask do not support tron (trc20)

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Where did you find these info???
MetaMask is for EVM chains and does not support Tron.

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Please are you sure.
Because the last I read on Discord
Metamask don’t support Tron network!

Oh I thought I was only me
I read on Discord that
Metamask not compatible for Tron

Yes this is valid
I recall when I had to receive payment on metamask via metamask in form
Of busd TRC 20 version

Not as main Tron network


Yeah yeah @fabsltsa made me do my search today on tron-MetaMask :joy:

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I would prefer to use trust wallet if I would be dealing with Tron transaction

Please share the research you did with us

Verify us with the latest Tron- metamask wallet

You can only add Binance-pegged trx

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Just activate BNB SMART CHAIN


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Lol yeah
I think this is one of the reasons tron is not able to compete with other chains that MetaMask supports

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Additionally, this could be a limitation to
Tron blockchain adoption

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yeah yeah
if there is something they can do about it
it should be done quickly

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I hope so.
Or maybe not yet COMPATIBLE with metamask wallet ?

This is the outcome of writing notes when drunk buddy, so I stand corrected. Since the FTX saga and the advise of using Dex over cex, I did transfer my trx over from binance to bep20 pegged trx on METAMASK, relatively low txn fees and fast transaction.
I’ll do a thread on bep20 pegged Tron on METAMASK when I’m sober, apologies to the community lol haha

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hahahaha I like this
oh OK brother :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Es cierto lo que comentais Tron no es compatible con metamask, ya que lo tienes que enviar por vinculo de Binance

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Good info bro, keep posting :blush:

If the information is wrong, i would suggest it gets taken down to avoid people learning the wrong thing as it takes enough time and energy to unlearn something.

Or if it can be modified to a legit info to suit the suggestions made by the humble house it will be very cool, but to maintain it in its wrong state will cause more harm than good my brother. Thank you

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