Come join us Tronics

Fellow Tronics, join us tomorrow at 7pm UTC for the first Tronics Tuesday Twitter Space :star_struck:

Lets have an informal chat about web3 on the chain we know and love!


My reminder is set,
Tomorrow 8pm favourable time over here.
Let me clean my mic Ready to.


Can’t wait to chat the Tron and TronNinjas paths with you guys in this twitter space :fire:


I’m not sure I can come. Will there be a recording of the meeting?

It was a great space with lots of Tronics joining

If you missed the space you can listen to the recording here

Space Recoding

We will be back with a new space next Tuesday at the same time


Can’t wait, will be there with my cup of coffee haha :sunglasses:

Can’t wait for such,am super excited

Hey man I guess I missed it but are there any plans to do it again it’d be so cool to do it as a traditional thing for forum :relieved:

It’s planed for every Tuesday going forward. You can add an reminder using this link


Thank u mate ur the man

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Man, unfortunately we couldn’t attend because we saw it late. If you organize it again, this time we will be with you as DreamVerser. Take care :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:

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Thank you so much for sharing it I’m gonna listen it just as my podcast :sunglasses: Looking forward to attend on next session bro

Nice design, is it generated by AI or did you made it self?

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