TronixTuesday: Hackathon edition!

TronixTuesday: Hackathon edition!

When? 24th October at 8PM BST
Where? Join us on Twitter Spaces!

What is TronixTuesday?
Hosted by hackathon winner and Tron enthusiast, MoStarDev, TronixTuesday is an open mic space where we discuss everything Tron and the broader crypto universe. We’re on our 3rd episode and we’d love for you to join!

Last Week’s Recap:
Missed out last time? Here’s a quick recap:

* Engaging discussions on the Bitcoin roundabout and varying rates of crypto adoption.
* Deep dive into the Tron ecosystem and more.

Teasers on topics we’ll delve into this week:

* Ice-Breaker Session: From story chains to sharing the meaning behind your Twitter handles.
* Open Chat: Season 5 Hackatron.
* Open Chat: Discussing synergies with other chains.
* Main Open Mic Segment: Get ready for some crypto humor!

Goal of the Space:
Our shared passion for Tron is what brings us together. Whether we’re discussing the latest trends, diving deep into blockchain nuances, or just helping each other learn, we’re all in!

:link: Click here to set a reminder for TronixTuesday on Twitter Spaces! :link:


Will surely make time to join this time around. Always great to learn from the great minds in the cryptospace.

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Joined the last session but had to go when something urgent came up. Will definitely join this one too :100:

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I managed to jump into the last one at the end and I’m looking forward to get to the next one on time. It’s exciting to connect with other Tronic’s

We have a great potential to continue to build our community. One day it will be awesome for us all to look back and see who was here and weathered the storms until the world finally sees what we intuitively knew a bit earlier than the rest.

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Looking forward to it man those kind of meetings enhance us as a community!

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You are more than welcome to join us.

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Thank you for joining, yes the timing may not be good for everyone but would be great to have you their friend!

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Yeah, bit late last time mate but thank you for stopping by, will be great to have on the next one and we will be discussing the hackathon so should be interesting.

Its important to be able to talk about the things we are passionate about. Given our locality it’s not always that easy. So hoping these spaces can be a hub for all to discuss a shared interest

100% Will be great to have more people join and speak. Look forward to seeing you there mate

For how long you guys have been doing that? Are there any chance to upload them to spotify or sth? And again I’d love to hear your other episodes as well sounds like a great opportunity to see what would it be like

Its only the 3rd episode so pretty new.

Here is a recording of the last one

And here was the first one.

Hello eveyone, Ayushman this side from team web3 sailors. I hope all of you are having great weekends.

BTW this is our project MeloSynthia AI. Check this out (Nana sir has already provided his valuable feedback so thanks to him!) and if y’all like this then please vote for us here !

Right now we are working on improving melobot and nft marketplace and exploring about adding copyright checker for tunes and lyrical ai…


This thread is about TronixTuesday. You are off topic mate. Try a hackathon thread.

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ok thank you so much for suggestion

That happens quite a lot hahah :rofl:

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