October Discussion: This month at TRON

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :bat:

While we might be in the spooky season it has been an incredible month for TRON. Over the past month we have had a lot of fun developments from the Community and HackaTRON season 5. Below I have highlighted some of the top TRON events from October 2023. We are continuing to carve a strong path through the rest of the year and look forward to what the end of Q4 has to offer!

SmartCon 2023 conference in Barcelona
From October 2-3rd TRON DAO sponsored and attended SmartCon 2023. There were many great connections made and some exciting progress on upcoming partnerships. TRON will also be in Turkiye for November’s Binance Blockchain Week conference.

HackaTRON Season 5 recap
A total of 48 projects made it to the voting round for season 5. The Community and Judges have already been hard a work voting for each project. Please remember there are other projects available for winners! There are still the Engagement, Determination, and Contribution prize for Community members. Up to ten (10) active forum members will be eligible for a 500 USDD prize for engagement on the Forum with HackaTRON season 5 projects :tada:

TronixTuesday X Spaces
MoStarDev has begun hosting TRON Community X Spaces each Tuesday at 3pm EST. All are welcome to join. These X Spaces are Community hosted and are a way for the Community to connect with each other and discuss cryptocurrency each week.

With October coming to an end we set our focuses on November :saluting_face: I hope you all have a great upcoming month!


Thank you my brother, it has been a great month and busy one of course. This month it wasn’t busy only for the TronDao team but forum users too. Especially during the voting period.

It has been a great experience reviewing 80+ projects and had to use 15 projects out of 48.

Because of limitations, some of us were not able to vote for all the amazing projects we reviewed. We were limited to 3 projects each track. That makes it competitive too.

Also I have been joining the weekly spaces from @TronNinjas I realized today’s episode started early than the usual time, hope we get a fixed time for all or get announcements for it. I did not see any info about today’s episode. Thank you

Keep working harder

We hope November will bring more good news.

Wishing everyone all the best and Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: too :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:


Would love to join this conference on Barcelona but it seems quite far :frowning:

Happy Halloween @StevenTRON !
I want to note that the video is FIRE :star_struck: !!
I felt the whole atmosphere in these ~ 6 minutes. I would be very glad to see such videos more often!
We are looking forward to even more events in November !

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Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: to you as well
Tron has been doing great stuffs all these, I believe it never ends here because the big boom :boom: it’s on the way,…it can only get better,… have a great new month


The mood and the energy on the video is soo inspiring wish I could have a chance to experience this atmosphere damn