May Discussion: This month at TRON

Hello everyone!

It is that time again and the month of May has come to an end. I would like to use this post to re-cap and discuss the milestones achieved by TRON DAO in May. The Community plays a crucial role in shaping and improving the blockchain. Hearing Community feedback is a vital part of TRON DAO’s mission to enhance satisfaction, identify and address issues, foster innovation, and achieve continuous improvement.

A major highlight of May 2023 for TRON was the completion of the Season 4 HackaTRON. Congratulations again to all the participants! We cannot wait to see what value your project will bring to the TRON blockchain :partying_face:

HackaTRON Community Selected

1st Prize (6k)
2nd Prize (5k)
3rd Prize (4k)
4th Prize (3k)
5th Prize (2k)

HackaTRON Judge-Selected

1st Prize (20k)
2nd Prize (15K)
3rd Prize (10K)
4th Prize (8k)
5th Prize (6k)

In May 2023 TRON DAO also hit new milestones for blockchain metrics. In May TRON has exceeded over 160,000,000 wallets! Also, TRON was recognized by CoinMarketCap for coming in 1st place for the most Daily active addresses. This is no small accomplishment and shows how TRON DAO has continued to attract new blockchain users throughout 2023 :raised_hands:

Lastly the TRON DAO team attended 2 conferences in May! TRON DAO attended the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami and the Seamless Middle East 2023 conference in Dubai. The purpose of attending these conferences are to provide knowledge, networking, professional development, and exposure to new ideas.

Bitcoin Miami 2023

Seamless Middle East 2023

As always please feel free to add comment and discuss additional highlights, questions, etc for TRON in the month of May. We look forward to hearing from everyone!


This is awesome…
I can say that The Month of May 2023
Has been a lovely month for Tron, Tron Dao forum
Tron Hackathon projects winner, Tron Milestone,
All Tronics


Super! It has been a great Month.
With some great projects and contributors.
And the TronDao team have also enjoyed this month especially You @StevenTRON and @HunterTRON :smiley:
Great events and great work for Tron. Keep spreading Tron.
As you said we hope these projects on MainNet now have positive impact on the entire #Tron and/or #bttc. To project teams, keep building. To community members, keep supporting and to TronDao team, keep working. Thank you all


It was very exciting month to see the TronDao team at Bitcoin Miami conference
I was impressed about the Tron exposure in the conference, I would also love to see the positive impact where everyone would like to to engage and get involved in Tron and it’s wave :ocean: to the moon :full_moon_with_face:
Most of the project winner’s have get their project to Mainnet, while some are trying there possible best to make it happen before the deadline.
I can’t wait to see how most of this Projects will shake the ecosystem :fire: with what they have in store :department_store::convenience_store:, nevertheless all projects should not rely on TronDao to do everything For them , you guys should go hard on marketing, I found out that most projects lacks marketing…if projects on Tron gets exposed believe me Tron Will be more exposed and erected to the most high, I strongly believe that the community is ready and eager to spread the awareness, together we can make Tron great :muscle:


This time around there wasn’t reward for the engaging community.
Most of these projects weren’t talked about enough


There were accounts that were reportedly ineligible for rewards since they can’t transition their projects to mainnet, and I read about one complaining same issue in a post. If that’s a preeminent requirement, then it should be compulsory before and during project judging or assessment.
A suggestion though

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there is a prize for community engagement.
Top ten contributors


May was power packed and tron keeps growing in grace. I know you guys enjoyed the conference very well, as a suggestion community members can sometimes be invited to experience these wonderful events.

So that we can also learn, network and have fun with you all in flesh. So next time there is a conference, don’t forget us.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

I am very happy how successful season 4 was and expecting to see something super next season.

Tron is the Future!!!


@Prince-Onscolo is correct there will be a Community Engagement prize for Season 4 HackaTRON. Please stay tuned