July Discussion: Last month at TRON

Hello Tronics I hope you are all having a great Summer! :sunny:

While the summer has been hot this year this hasn’t stopped the #TRON team from building! A lot has happened this month and Im excited to hear feedback from the Community. I have included 3 main events from July. If you have any additional events you would like to discuss please add to the comments below!

1. The Periander Update is now live on TRON mainnet.

You can review the article recap above for more information on the Periander update.

2. The TRON Builder Tour has started and completed 2 tour stops! The first 2 stops took place in NYC New York and LA California.

The TRON builder Tour is a way to help connect with different communities of Developers across the world. These in-person meet-ups hold significant value as they help create connections that digital interactions struggle to replicate. These events also help TRON DAO explain the purpose of HackaTRON season 5 and how new Developers can get involved with our ecosystem!

3. The TRON DAO team attended the WebX conference in Tokyo Japan this month!

The Prime Minister of Japan Kishida spoke at WebX and highlighted the Japanese government’s recognition of Web3 technology.

Yuga Labs known within the NFT space provided valuable insights into the intersection of blockchain and decentralized finance. Desdemona the AI robot from the Singularity Net also made an appearance to showcase the symbiotic relationship between AI and Web3.

Lastly Justin Sun gave a speech on the Global Stage explaining the benefits of Real World Assets (RWAs) in Web3. Justin Sun attended both days of the conference and made multiple appearances!

Happy July Tronics and I wish you all a great month of August :partying_face:


Also congratulations to Justin Sun who also had his birthday on July 30th! :partying_face:


Hello friends I’m new here
I staking in my Tron wallet 100000 XMR
Before a week I ask there and there is no price near the the token just red mark.
I try a lot to approve it and sign in but the site response error msg pls assist me how can I fix it
I made the transfer from my Huobi wallet in 29/07.2021

I staking in my Tron wallet 100000 XMR
Before a week I ask there and there is no price near the the token just red mark.
I try a lot to approve it and sign in but the site response error msg pls assist me how can I fix it
I made the transfer from my Huobi wallet in 29/07.2021

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Hello @TaxiDriver

I am not familiar with an XMR token on the TRON blockchain. This is website does not appear to be an official project. I recommend trying to contact the project owner

These are quite remarkable updates, July was full of serious business for Tron and tronics as a whole.

We wish Justin a happy belated birthday.

Just as we give reverence to the developer community, we should also consider the contributor community.

As a project is strengthened based on the feedback it gets from the users.
I see all activities as developer centered and users or contributors are always offered the back seat.

We should try and mix the two.

  1. There is no legit XMR on Tron.

  2. It’s impossible to send XMR from Huobi to Tron Network. Only to Monero (XMR) Blockchain.


Besides, XMR = $160 each

160x100.000= $16.000.000

So I think you got airdropped 100k fake Monero on Tronlink and thought you got rich but it was a fake token with no value. Trying to swap it on a third party website will result on the loss of your assets.


That XMR, i have like 1000, he has checked the price and thinks he has gotten some free cash for this years xmas.

He is even willing to give out 10% for anyone who helps him out. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The Gods are not to blame

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$16M… worth trying :smiley:
Unfortunately it isn’t real.

But cant we help him to atleast cash out half of it. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sure but let’s get the 10% first and in usdt please :joy:

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I hope he is reading and following the chat. Or he is driving his taxi??

July has been great. The trondao team keeps spreading #Tron all over the world.

I believe this is not ending soon and will be extended to other continents :pray:

Tron is getting the needed recognition it needs in the crypto space and that’s a plus.

The team is really doing well, I like the way you interact with the locals. Big thanks to @StevenTRON @HunterTRON and Augustine

Also thanks for the package :pray:

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I wish If i can uplaoding picture for you I was withdraw from my huobi wallet and leave with with more 4 token
AND more token the tron team didnt replay to i’m waiting long time I just need approve and sign in thats it.

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keep legh or smile i stake it and withdraw it from my huobi trading wallet i have alot of contracts the big company binance cheating me there i can’t send picture in the forum to approve for you any way i’m starting learning python i’ll fix them by my self becouse i still control them be my wallet this xrm nothing for me I have more 200 smart contratcs in Evm every min I got fees there and nft and Binance hide this from me becouse he still the admin of the smart contracts and report audit and change spender acount but i still control all this contracts by my wallet.

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I’ll repeat one more time: you can’t send XMR from Huobi to Tron Network. You just can’t. Cause it’s not an option.
If you don’t believe me, contact Huobi support.

What if he is busy on the road
By now the transaction should be successful?

Not possible to send XMR TO TRX FROM HUOBI

Quite a handful and bumper package all-in-one, could you please provide more details about the Periander Update mentioned in the July Discussion? What specific changes or improvements were made to the TRON mainnet as part of this update?

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