Happy september, 2023

Dear Tron Dao community,

  • Big thanks to the Tron Dao admins for their hard work in keeping the forum running smoothly.

  • Project developers for their hard work and dedication to making Tron Dao the best. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

  • To our new users to the Tron Dao community. I hope you find our forum to be a welcoming and informative place. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or participate in discussions.

Quick Reminder


Happy new month to you too, it’s gonna be a September to remember for everyone in this space, cheers :clinking_glasses:


Happy new month my brother. September will be one of the most busiest month for me personally.

But i will find time and make myself available every now and then. Its always good to be here to read about what is happening in the crypto space as a whole and tron to be specific.

Wishing you all the best this month. May our heart desires manifest in reality Insha Alla


We do appreciate your contribution and presence anytime you stop by to to say good with us

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Happy new month my boss, wishing you and everyone here the best September can offer…
Did you buy the dip and it keeps dipping :joy:?
We are in September to remember Xmas is around the corner ,we need some evidence make we no explain till thy kingdom come


We pray for strength to enjoy this xmas.
If everything goes according to plan, i will be taking my family out to chill this Christmas.

God be our helper


Life and good health is the first most important thing , and I believe it’s assured to us , we really hope things work as planned as you said, celebrating with family is the most sweetest encounter one can experience


Thanks @Gordian
Hopefully September will bring some nice activity around here.

@Nana66419 may September bring you wings :wink:


Thank you big man
Wishing you same
We pray for long life with good health
Others will be added :pray:t2:

Stay blessed

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Yes, This months looking pretty cool, trust more Active activities set in the forum

U get the drift.
September has to be good to me. By thunder by fire.



Thank you bro! And happy new month to you and to all the amazing people we have in this community. Together, we will make Tron great :muscle:

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Special month September

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Sure, Indeed, get active, get involved
Together we sTRONger

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