Cripto derivados

¿Qué sabemos sobre el tema?
Los Derivados son productos financieros basados en un activo subyacente (es aquel que está sujeto a un contrato y es objeto de intercambio).
Pueden ser:
. Una acción
. Un indice de acciones
. Materias Primas
. Divisas
. Criptomonedas

Estos se negocian en Bolsa de Valores.
Al estar disponibles en la Bolsa de Valores es posible usarlos y tomar una posición en el valor subyacente, como una cierta criptomoneda.
Según vuestra opinión:
¿ Afecta la negociación en Bolsa de ciertas criptomonedas, en todo el mercado cripto?
Me gustaría saber vuestra opinión.


Not really a fun of anything derivative, but for educational purposes i have tried out everything there is to try in this crypto space.

I have done margin trading, spot trading, robot trading but the one that really got me hard is future trading.

Why bet on something without actually owning the thing and profit off it if it goes either downhill or uphill.

If the story of the shares of gamestop is anything to write home about then people will actually learn to stay away.


Crypto derivatives let investors to bets
on the price changes of crypto
without owning the underlying asset.

They provide leverage and the opportunity
to profit from bullish and
bearish market conditions,
much like more conventional
financial derivatives
like options and futures…

From this definition… I have my opinion.

First, I’m not a fan of derivatives
Like future.

Why will I have to bet on the price of uncertainties
Why will I gamble the natural or manipulation market force.

With due respect,. Kudos to those make dollars from it.

From my perspective, derivatives are totally big risk for me
I read somewhere that, the exchange always wins.


Crypto derivatives is a way to extend both present and future negotiations on products that are being traded and do not exist, as the stock market usually happens with Etfs.
An example would be when you buy gold Etfs, you could never sell them since it is fictitious gold, the same with the cryptocurrencies that are traded in the market, and what they do is enrich the large investment funds that are trading them.


Derivatives are a bad venture and full of manipulations. Its all about speculations. I have lost alot in future derivatives.

I lost my funds, my father funded me and i lost it too, till this day he is still asking for his money back. We are just betting on an imaginary object.

I like how gamestop played out, how a group of young retail investors took it upon themselves to liquidate large corporations by coming together to pump the price of the share of gamestop from somewhere below $3 to somewhere above $500

That day was the day i enjoyed watching the manipulators have a piece of the own dish served super hot :hot_face:


Exactamente los derivados al igual que todo lo que envuelve lla bolsa de valores es una falacia.


Hahahaha so why are people still in that thing

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In NUTSHELL price manipulation is the game of the day
In derivatives like future.

I can’t stand it

Yh some serious manipulations that will make you cry.

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The tears comes in premium pack

Now trying to compare
CRYPTO derivatives Vs sport betting
Which hit harder

Sports betting is safe, derivatives is a different thing all together.

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Oh the different is clear

In futures, you can wipe your tears with your boxers forgetting you are even holding a handkerchief and it will even make you still wonder, how come you were able to remove you boxers without even removing your trousers first.

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This would make you sit to question
Humanity and it’s existence?
Gambling and it’s risk involved?
Reasons you would have avoided that particular risk?
.hahha… I do see the victim acting psycho

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En el ejemplo de la materias primas se expiden contratos de compras a futuro, los cuales hacen que

  1. Pagas por algo que ni siquiera es existente.
  2. Manipulación de ese producto, si interesa que el trigo suba para beneficiar más a un país que a otro sube.
  3. Estrategia geopolítica.
  4. Hay más papeles expedidos que producto podrás comprar.
  5. Como la impresión masiva de dolares.
  6. En el caso de las criptomonedas ha provocado que el mercado criptográfico quede resentido, que es lo que se andaba buscando.

Si tu supieras lo que se maneja en los cierres de bolsa, los acuerdos de Sec y Fed, y las compra-ventas de bonos de Estado en ventanilla, te harías cruces. Esto es sólo un mínimo hay mucho más

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So the Sec and Fed has mainipulated power in stock closing.?

I better stick to what I can explain

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Evidentemente, siempre ha sido así.

No wonder,
There are some other things that eating up stock.

The other time I read about stock insider trading?

Why even bet on the future price of an asset, what do u seem to gain from it. In the end prices are manipulated to the benefit and sometimes disastrous to those that actual hold the asset.