Cruzo.Cards - NFT emotions for TRON Community 🥳

Project Name: Cruzo.Cards - NFT emotions for TRON Community
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Cruzo Team
Team Member(s): 4
Dorahacks Project Link: CruzoCards - Create-Gift-Surprise 🥳 | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Mass adoption of NFTs, Blockchain TRON, and AI through a simple and easily understandable product. Utility for NFT. A new era of Greetings and Gifts in Web3 space

Project Info: CruzoCards is a game-changing Web3 project that is set to revolutionize the world of digital emotions with its AI-powered, multi-chain NFT marketplace. Our innovative platform is designed to bring creators, users, collectors, and brands together in a whole new way by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

At CruzoCards, users will have access to a wide range of digital content, including greetings, cards, stories, invites, gifts, soulbounds, holiday avatars, and party goods for the Metaverse. These unique digital assets are released in NFT format, giving users ownership and providing them with a new level of utility and engagement.

Our unique platform will not only enhance user experience but also create new opportunities for brands, influencers, celebrities, bloggers, and others to monetize their content and increase their popularity. CruzoCards will contribute to the new Creator’s economy by developing tools and services that empower NFT creators to monetize their artworks and increase their reach.

Thanks to AI-powered tools like generative images and greeting texts, users will be able to explore new creative opportunities for sharing emotions in a digital world. The platform’s mission is to spread joy and happiness by providing emotions and happy moments to everyone while advancing the mass adoption of NFTs and AI, creating a whole new user experience that is engaging, personalized, and unforgettable.

Cruzo.Cards - Create-Gift-Surprise :partying_face:

Project Website: Link to the dev version for BitTorrent Donau testnet :point_right: (test & try).

Project Test Instructions: Connect Metamask :point_right: Click “Create” :point_right: Mint NFT greeting card on BitTorrent Donau :point_right: Gift your NFT without a wallet address or to a wallet address as well.

Project Details: Pitch Deck

Smart Contract links:
TransferProxy - ERC1967Proxy | Address 0x69E3780E74B7f97F0CD40E7BAc116ff9adc49de1 | BTTC
CruzoMarket - ERC1967Proxy | Address 0xF98921e973E84CB07B7c1300e9C121458d32A541 | BTTC
CruzoGift - ERC1967Proxy | Address 0x7ce85747209c037635825de71953E604154e100d | BTTC
CruzoAirdrop - ERC1967Proxy | Address 0xf5A755364057A01F5dA43e8f627f299C3a329104 | BTTC
Cruzo1155 (Beacon) - Contract Address 0xfF8d00Afd91761e51000f0e9116f46849e7C74f0 | BTTC
Cruzo1155Factory - Contract Address 0x21F10c67e2CC31adabC1005C05EF02Ba67e7FdE5 | BTTC
Cruzo1155 - Contract Address 0xebA0b9100a474f965Fc7899B3C5B840728f9AC96 | BTTC

Project Milestones:
Plan for 2023

  • Credit card payment
  • Generative AI-tools (images and texts)
  • Launchpad & Airdrops
  • Marketing & Analytics
  • DAO setup

Just minted Happy BitTorrent 🥳 - Cruzo | Cruzo.Cards

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Lovely project goals
As I may saw what would be incentives
That will facilitate the massive adoption
To this project?
As most of the Nft on Tron are underperforming!.

All the best,
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4
Welcome to Tron Dao forum


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, do you have any plans to create a token that will back your NFT? How do you plan to distribute the airdrops by holding Tron or by which method? Any leak :eyes:


Welcome to Season 4, goodluck on your journey.

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Hello and welcome to season 4, so if i read right, u can mint NFTs and gift them out to people.

Aside transaction fees, are there any fees one has to pay to use the platform.
Also after gifting the NFT to a friend what can the person do with the NFT, can it be sold on any secondary marketplace, and what will make someone want to buy the NFT, (please dont say because people love art) we all know its never true, everyone is in for the profit.

What utility can the NFT minted and gifted on your platform generate aside aesthetic value.


Thanks for the kind words about Cruzo.Cards

I mean in general

Hi, yes we have a plan for the project token, but can’t share details. Please follow our socials for updates

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Yes, you are right. We don’t charge any commission for creating and gifting only network gas. later we will implement a tool where the gifter can pay gas in advance and the receiver does not pay anything, just claim NFT

The recipient can do with NFT whatever he wants, as well as put it on sale.

The information on which problems our project going to solve


Wow with this picture, your project makes alot of sense to those of us who face such problems, after going through the problems it seems the project was created for me. I have all the above listed problem.

Thank you alot and wishing you all the best


Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Good luck to you too

Alright thanks for clarifying, wish you all the best


Thanks for helping the unemployed to find a way of generating income for themselves.

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Please how many languages does it support ?

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What us the utility? Are there any royalties?

Hello @cruzo, welcome back to S4!

Noticed you participated in S3, were you aware of the Builder track that was made for previous hackathon winners?

I had a few questions in regards to the Cruzo Cards project:

  1. What has been changed from S3 to S4?

  2. Do you mind providing more information about the AI-powered tools that you use in your platform and how a user would be able to utilize those tools?


  1. Has there been any research to help onboard those who are not familiar with blockchain to use Cruzo?

Hi @EMerchant Thank you!

Noticed you participated in S3, were you aware of the Builder track that was made for previous hackathon winners?

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the last hackathon. Hope we can do it now

below you can find answers on your questions

1. What has been changed from S3 to S4?

We have started research and development for AI tools. We also launch mainnet Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. We have created an NFT creators community with 200+ members and they minted their own collections and approx. 1000 unique NFTs on Cruzo.Cards platform.

2. Do you mind providing more information about the AI-powered tools that you use in your platform and how a user would be able to utilize those tools?

The use of AI and generative images and texts can help solve various problems and needs for greeting card creators, seekers, buyers, and gifters. Some examples include:

Time and effort: Creating custom greeting cards can be time-consuming and requires effort. AI-generated images and texts can help automate the process and reduce the time and effort required to create a personalized greeting card.

Creativity: Some individuals may struggle with coming up with unique and creative ideas for their greeting cards. AI-generated images and texts can provide fresh and original ideas that can inspire creativity.

Personalization: Personalized greeting cards are highly valued, but it can be challenging to create unique designs for each recipient. AI-generated images and texts can help create personalized cards with specific names, dates, and images.

Emotional connection: Greeting cards are often used to convey emotions and sentiments. AI-generated images and texts can help create designs that are emotionally compelling and resonate with the recipient.

Overall, the use of AI and generative images and texts can help solve problems related to time, effort, creativity, personalization, emotional connection, and variety for both greeting card creators and seekers, buyers, and gifters.


3. Has there been any research to help onboard those who are not familiar with blockchain to use Cruzo?

The platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

We have tutorials and guides that explain what NFTs are, their benefits, and how to use them. The guide is presented in a step-by-step manner, making it easy for users to follow along.

To make the experience more personalized, the platform will introduce AI tools (in development) that help users create and customize their NFTs based on their preferences, emotions, and prompts. Completely new experience! We are a game-changing startup in the greetings & gifts market. Moving the greetings industry to Web3

In the future, our platform can collaborate with creators and brands to offer a wide range of NFTs that cater to different tastes and interests. This can include greeting cards, stories, crypto gifts, and party goods in Metaverse.


Nice project, but one thing that wonders me. Why did you create different smart contracts instead of one multi contract? Was it due to security reasons or something else ?

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I had questions too, but I got my answer in detail here, it’s really meticulously explained. good luck to you :heart:

Also, if you want to review our project:
#E3 MusiCoinCity - myriad places & exclusive sounds
ours is here too.

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