Crypto Santa 2022. ๐ŸŽ… New hype on TRON. Surprise your Web3 users with NFT emotions

Hey TRON Fam!

We are a team from We are Going to release our NFT marketplace for emotions on Mainnet (on BitTorrent, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) on December 1-15, right away before the Christmas holidays.

Our idea is to create some cool Christmas or/and New Year NFT greetings, NFT postcards, or limited Season avatar editions with Web3 projects mascot/character/logo. Including some unlockable content/utility.

So many options to impress your existing users or engage new with hype NFT greetings, NFT postcards, or Christmas NFT avatars collection. Be a crypto Santa for your community members, followers, and customers.

How NFT gifting process works you can watch here

TRON Ecosystem Benefits

  • Greetings are most peopleโ€™s understandable products and they in demand. Could generate a million transactions on the TRON chain.
  • NFT Greetings & Invites can be used as a marketing tool (loyalty increase and user engagement.) for brands and companies in TRON Ecosystem. NFT collections, NFTs cards, and transactions are in the TRON chain.
  • NFT Greetings collections can be a new hype among celebrities, bloggers, and influencers. TRON could be a starting point for them in NFT and Crypto space through simple products like Greetings. A new source of monetization of own audience through NFT Greetings collections.
  • NFT greetings can be used by TRON to attract new users into Community. For example, TRON NFT Season Greetings air-drop.
  • Partnership relations with Cruzo.Cards is a potential future market leader in the web3 space in terms of sharing emotions

Like the idea? Please feel free to contact us at Letโ€™s collab and gift positive emotions in Web3 space together

Thank you,
Cruzo Team

P.S. We are participating in TRON Hackathon 3. Read more about our project ad vote for Cruzo :pray:


I like to be crypto Santa for my friends and family :grinning:

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Good Luck for season 3 Cruzo Team awesome nft project

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@Anit1234 thank you so much :pray:

How much does it cost create a greeting NFT ?

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You should pay a gas only

Hola, me parece genial, suerte

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NFT christmas gift wont be bad
great work

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Hola, serรญa interesante saber el costo que supone tener un NFT navideรฑo, gracias.

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itโ€™s totally free if you use your own art. You just pay gas for minting


Hola, gracias por la informaciรณn.

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