Crypto Generational wealth possiblity?

GM Tronics,
Lately, have been pondering all about Generational wealth
Possibility from Crypto as we may have heard or seen it from other sectors

  • Generational wealth are wealth or assets passed down from one generation to another, often within a family. It includes assets such as property, investments, businesses, and other forms of wealth that can be transferred to future generations.

  • The accumulation of generational wealth can provide good importance, such as financial security, increased opportunities for education and career advancement, ability to build a legacy for future generations.

  • Now let’s share our opinion in respect to crypto…
    How long do you consider to be good enough for generational wealth?

  • Based on your location, how much is considered for Generational wealth?

  • What advice can we share concerning journey to Crypto generational wealth?

Let’s discuss…


The best wealth is to be yourself, the generational comes and goes.


En pricipio cabe destacar, en mi opiniĂłn la riqueza generacional solo sirve para estar supeditado a una serie de actos en la vida, los cuales coaccionan tu libertad.
La seguridad financiera no existe, el mundo está formado para que tengas altos y bajos, la educación eres tu el que debe decidir que tipo de ser humano quieres ser y a dónde quiere ir, el avance profesional lo consigue uno mismo con su aptitudes e inteligencia.
En cuanto a las generaciones futuras la mejor herencia que les puedes dar, es a enseñarles unos principios y siempre que sigan sus propias decisiones, sin importar lo que piense el resto del mundo, eso les hace libres.
. No considero ningĂşn tipo de tiempo, considero la oportunidad.
Depende de como te guste vivir.


I think the best wealth is health but figuratively, the figures considered to be generational wealth in my location is atleast 7-figures in $. In other vain, I sincerely think you gotta be in crypto atleast 10yrs to amass alot of wealth and whenever the phrase generational wealth crosses my mind, I immediately think of the Rothschild family.


Thanks for you contribution.
I pick sense out of what you just said.
We hardly see financial freedom… As
lots of ups and down
In life, business, education, and others.

It left for you and I ( individual at large)
To decide and build what the need for themselves…

Yes, opportunity in respect to time is what could be
A way out for some and not for all persons.

Yes no doubt health is the greatest .

Well, figuratively, the amount varies, based on location, family, individual ity and state of economy.

Crypto is barely 20 years…
So I think, one might not necessarily be in CRYPTO
Up to 10yrs to have that .
Some quick opportunity might,
Some could be lucky or smart enough…


Yes my brother .
Just be yourself , Have the wealth you
Can have and control.
You might end up building generational wealth

But the next generation may abuse what you
Kept of built behind.

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You mean get rich quick and degen schemes like $PEPE

Well, it could be forms of that.

Hey, that is Remind me, gist me
about the $pepe coin?

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Indeed, build for yourself and be happy with what you do.


@Gordian considering this is an asset like any other generational wealth would be created just by passing it down wouldn’t it?

Hello mate.
It’s not about passing down to next generation.
My point of concern is

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Seamos realista, segĂşn lo que inviertas de capital inicial en criptomoneda.
Elijas una cripto con buen fundamento, la hagas trabajar para que si baja al menos te de un rendimiento.
PodrĂ­amos empezar a hablar de tener una mini semilla.
CuestiĂłn de finanzas.@gordian


Yes very important fundamental point you made.

Not just about INVESTING.
Investing into solid ones matters.
Also investment size


The size of the investment is always important, if what you are looking for is to increase your capital, in addition to knowing how to invest in assets.


God bless you for your wise choice of word.

  • Size of investment
  • What invested on
  • When invested
    All very important

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and make mistakes.
In this way you can improve yourself better and faster :globe_with_meridians: :zap:

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On this topic of if generational wealth is possible in crypto. I will say it can be possible and if not properly handle can be lost.

An example, the muti million dollar wallet can be pass down to next generation but if it compromised or into wrong hands of generation that spend carelessly then it gone

Another thing is the wealth can be created but violatile prices may crush it over time especially if solely invested in meme coin that lost hype and value over the time

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I get your point of view on this topic. In summary, I understand that you mean, generational wealth can be created but can be very difficult to maintain from the point you made mentioned.