Help! Help! Help! 😭

As everyone on this platform knows about crypto,:unamused:(see oppression) :frowning::woozy_face:

On behalf of the non digital currency/crypto gurus,…:cowboy_hat_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Tell us things to be careful of while investing in any business

I don’t think asking financial advices to random people on a public forum is the idea of the year :grimacing: you’re more likely going to get some bad/shady advices.


Yeah I know but within a 1000 and 1 wrong advice, there should be good ones from some good persons like you​:pensive::woman_shrugging:

Good persons like me don’t give financial advices cause we don’t wanna feel responsible for your losses if anything goes wrong

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Oooh wow, seriously?
Make sense shaa … Anyway thank you for your cautious advice

Yes seriously. I can point the finger on some projects I like. But they shouldn’t be considered as financial advises and always be followed by your own researches.

Lot of projects I like on Tron for different reasons. You can have a look at JustMoney, TuruGlobal, Tronninjas, Tronbies, LionX, ThanX, USTX, Cubie,…

The only advice I could give is don’t invest blindly. Take the time to research, think about, don’t FOMO in a project, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, if it looks unprofessional stay away.


Don’t invest more than u can afford to lose

Otherwise the Help! Will turn to “i am dead


Hola, en las inversiones nadie puede dar consejo, siempre hay un dicho que dice que el dinero que no necesites lo puedes invertir de esta manera no tendrás de que arrepentirte.


Sure as the saying goes

Not Financial adviser