Is safemoney trx good investment

Is investing in safemoney trx good investment?


You need to do your own research properly, and decide, look into their community and what other users are saying, check them out on their social accounts get people’s review for the last three to six months, then you will know if it’s a good investment, if there is anyone here that have used it before try to interact with that person to know what to do next. When investing, do it with your spare capital, something you can afford to loose😉


Thank you very much, i just to get in touch with investors of safemoney if any. I do appreciate your response.

Yeah for sure anytime, quite a lot of progress coming for SafeMoney too, v 2.0 was launched not too long ago. You can come up if you have any questions you can DM me or join the community and chat me up. :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Very good honest dev team :slightly_smiling_face: . With a lot of progress we will be on the moon soon :rocket::rocket:


I personally can say stay away from it.
It’s one of the worst projects in tron.
Just empty promises without delivering anything.

They are a bunch of students copying everything they can 1:1 and claim it’s their own work.

I know it perfectly well because I was one of the first Investors there and saw them daily lie and ban people who ask difficult questions.

DYOR of course but I can tell from my 5 years tron experience that the safemoney project is one of the worst so far.


Well, nice you ask this. Just will tell you what i thought when i invested on SM. i’m a holder since first month of life of SM. Loved two things those days: introducing passive incomes to tron ecosystem and those days we were place as “the” tron meme token. Was wonderfull days because we has a heugh pump, killing first cero of SM life. Unfortunately, then begun bear market and all went down about price. But, besides price, SM team continue working and brought katycat nft project, baoziswap project, now promoting staking. There is an initial idea of a VPN free idea, and that will be on sure, the ticket for the moon. Wainting for that on future. DYOR…:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::black_flag::black_flag::black_flag::black_flag::white_flag::white_flag::white_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


As the saying goes


Get to do your own research
Invest the amount you can afford to lost.

Check them on their social handles and pages

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Reminder my words safemoney will be on mars soon they developing stake pool that will get you profit at lease 30% so when we clam profit and price of token going up so you will be in double profit … SafeMoney To the mars soon :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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I second this. There’s been a lot of issues with safemoney that I don’t think were sorted out. Last I checked their telegram some guys were complaining about transactions not going through. Some guys a while back got banned for asking questions which I found really weird because they were airing their concerns. These are some of the things I feel it isn’t a good enough project. Don’t get me started on the copy-pasta…anyway, DYOR before making any investment. Don’t follow the hype a project has the potential to moon. These are just words coming from people who want to dump on you.

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Hi there we are aware you have your opinion about us, but there are some that are totally wrong, we have been on Tron and we will keep developing here because this is a blockchain we love and will want to develop on. However, those that has been active on our Community can testify that the team has always make sure we deliver our promises to the Community. To mention a few if you have been active in the community, the team promised the launch of SafeMoney v 2.0 which was successful with better upgrades, ** we promised the migration of SafeMoney v 1.0 to SafeMoney v 2.0 on Baoziswap**, we made it live on Baoziswap and was successful, the team also promised the community the free swap of the migration of v 1.0 to v 2.0 it was successful as well. Also we promised the community that we will be launching a staking pool for SafeMoney v 2.0 on Baoziswap it is live already Baoziswap Live Staking Pool Submission and we have over 51 trillion of SafeMoney v 2.0 locked in the pool, we also promised providing energy fees for SafeMoney v 2.0 for the community to be able to stake on Baoziswap for free and we are currently working on that now.

In conclusion we are aware that each team has their flaws and we might have offended you in any way, if their is a way we can come to a level of agreement we will appreciate it but one thing is certain and sure we have a lot we are working on for SafeMoney and Baoziswap and no matter the challenges we face we will always make sure we conquer and come back strong, and always remember something we are here to stay and we will keep improving no matter what even in the bearish market we have a lot we have accomplished and one thing is for sure our community members are very important to us.

#TronStrong :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Thank you, incase you have some questions feel free to message us on Telegram or on here.

Thanks as always :heart:


@moneymoto Hi there, if you have been very active in the community for some time now you will know we don’t neglect complaint on transactions from our true community member, the community is full of different people and there are some that all they want to do is to create FUD and dump the market which the team is against and won’t want, there are times that the ban is from the bots and once they DM any of the team members we always try to make sure we help and we let them know what happen.

In case any of the team member mistakenly ban you for any reasons feel free to DM @DevOlagboye or any of the team member we will be ready to discuss with you.

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You are the worst liers to be honest.
Always hating against Tron and Justin for your own incapability of delivering.
It’s just sad to see that you can’t just finally deliver something without copy pasting the competition.
This says it all:


Oh yeah @moneyversac you have all the right to say that and all those chat was brought to our attention even during the last concluded hackathon by one of the Judges which we immediately address and renounce. You should know by now that all those words aren’t true if they are we shouldn’t still be here and with the plan of been here in the future. This has been addressed by the team kindly don’t take this as fact or anything.

Thanks for bringing our attention to it again


Clear evidence that they are denying…they never meant it and continued bashing tron when they failed to deliver. More reason to be cautious dealing with their project. All who have eyes should use them


I can attest to this. I was very new to crypto and I invested in this meme token in the first week or two it was launched. I had high expectations based on the “hype” but soon learned that the project was just that. I was turned off on the team/project after I was banned from the telegram group for asking questions. This was shortly after another investor discovered that the project team turned off his passive income (tax distribution from token buy/sells) by excluding his wallet address in the contract without telling him. This ruined my trust in the team.

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Hi there @SHaven we are sorry if this happened about been banned from the group, some of the time this is done by the bot and it is not always because you asked a question it could be because of some choice of words used and most of the time once the team is informed about this and we checked we usually add our users back to the community, and about been tax token yes we are still tax token and also no team member can remove a user wallet address not to be receiving passive incomes.

Furthermore, we recently launched our v 2.0 and a staking pool on Baoziswap with up to 31% APR, and over 54 trillion already locked in the staking pool, and a monthly burn of 80% of taxes and the remaining 20% goes for Development, Marketing etc.

However, if you will still need more information about us you could DM any of the Team member or join our Telegram group @SafeMoneyV2 we will be happy to have you back.

And incase this has cause you anything in anyway we are sorry for this and we will want to make it up to you.

Thank you for your support :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Thanks for your reply


I am not Tobias and I have no knowledge of any discussions between Tobias and the SM team. The person I was referring to was Igor. I do not personally know Igor but was a follower on Twitter and he was one of the big original investors in SM. Igor does not mince his words and says what is on his mind. He was conducting give-aways on Twitter with his own tokens and eventually he discovered that his wallet address was excluded from the tax distribution of the token. I suppose the devs doxxed his wallet address since they knew of the give-aways. He provided proof that he was excluded from the tax distrbution and I personally verified his claim in the contract. I even checked my own wallet address and it was not there. Seems he was excluded after he criticized some aspects of the project. Igor then sold his bag and the price dumped. Here is the twitter message discussing the issue:

You can check it out for yourself. My original post was to tell my personnal experience with the project in response to a question of whether SM was a good investment, which I do not believe it is, but please do your own research.


Safemoney no doubt is very safe and grooming project in future and also safemoney teams doing very hardworking for its grooming