dCloud Lite + dCloud Mobile

Hello everyone, we have completed a couple milestones today which comprehend the first MVP of go-btfs-lite. We managed to go all the way down to a 43% size reduction without performance issues. :exploding_head: .

It was a significant challenge due to several dependencies removals and subsequent code refactoring to avoid compiling and functional issues.

WASM release is also done together with a roadmap for future development in the release page. :smiley:

Please check the project milestones for the GitHub reference and binaries releases.

Functional demonstration video in progress…

Stay tuned for more updates!


Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce our latest dCloud v1.6.0 mobile release for Android. Now available in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justshare

Feel free to download and test :slight_smile: . Let us know what you think of the new node & wallet configuration setup.

Next steps:

  1. :apple: iOS release

  2. :video_camera: Video explanation of overall improvements and new releases for this hackathon.

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Greetings @cctechmx ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

Project Test Instructions:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!

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Hello friends, community.

dCloud v1.6.0 release is ready for everyone to test!!

Next I’ll publish a video explaining how to setup dCloud and how to use both the go-btfs-lite and wasm binary.

Thanks for your support!

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Congratulations on your milestone.
The combination of WASM and PWS can break the censorship of big technology in the APP store.
I have a question, how do you solve the problem that the client is behind wifi and cannot be accessed by the network?


Thank you for you support and interest in BTFS wasm release :slight_smile:
Regarding to your question, would you please elaborate a bit more? Are you referring to wasm only? or dCloud in general?

Talking about dCloud there is no issues for wifi neither for cellular networks. Some worldwide ISPs might be able to block p2p content tough, usually we refer to those as “Bad ISPs” hehe and there’s little dCloud can do to overcome that unfortunately.


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Thanks for your answer.

My question is when the device is on the router’s intranet how do allow the client to access it from Internet?

Hello again, I haven’t experienced any connections issues myself, however depending on your Internet Service Provider and Router you might need to do some extra configurations. I recommend to follow this guideline from BTFS team if connection issues arise

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Last detail missing already added. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Everyone, we have included the last pending item from our milestones which was demostration videos of new features in dCloud and demos for our wasm and lite versions of go-btfs.

Thank you for your patience


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Congratulations on your milestone
Keep building

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Thank you friend, of course we won’t stop improving our project :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I will continue to follow your project. Good luck

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Thank you for the support friend! I’m sure you will find fun and a serious project here :ok_hand:

Hello everyone, starting today I’ll starting the migration to latest version of Expo and react native for dCloud.

What does it do for dCloud in general?

  • Better overall in-app performance

  • Higher compatibility with latest Android and iOS releases.

  • Ensure long term compatibility with newest Android Studio & Xcode versions

  • Benefit from latest Android and iOS API functions.

After this update I will focus on latest BTFS core integration and upgrades in UI.

Note: This is not part of a hackathon milestone but will continue working on updates for everyone to have a better app experience. :slight_smile:

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Over delivering, brilliant! :raised_hands:

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Less talk and more action: GitHub - simbadMarino/dCloud at reactnativeupgrade :wink:

We prefer to code and release rather than trying the “snake oil salesman” tactics…

Keep an eye on them community, judges, admins… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Upgrade to React Native and latest Android SDK 33 done, code compiles and app starts succesfully. Need to fine tune some Gradle configs but all going well so far :slight_smile:

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We observe a really successful project that shows promise. Have you decided to any new milestones? If yes, would you mind sharing them?

Hi we just tested the Andorid App,

Congrats @cctechmx it works like a charm :heart_eyes_cat:

We uploaded some printscreens…

If other members want to try out dCloud we have some spare BTTC drop your address.
It took us a bit we had to bridge the token BTTC which I have not done so far(pretty easy though).

Questions: (It my first time exploring the project so sorry for repetition if any)

  1. What will be the cost associated with storage so how much should I paid for storing 30day a MB or how it is measured??
  2. What happens after the period passes?
  3. The NEW address is created each time a user installs the app? Can we use existing addresses though?
    That is about it !

Congrats again on the hard work :heart_eyes:
Address: 0x2fdb67c5cae43b590c8ee75e84ef9f5defa3ea76

onchaindev :white_heart:

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to install our app and test it! :slight_smile:

Answering your questions:

  1. Cost is 3840 BTT per Terabyte per month as per official website
  2. After the period ends the nodes are no longer required to keep the data and won’t be punished in Host Score if they erase it.
  3. After a fresh install yes, a new node address is created, if you keep updating the app it won’t be overwritten. Currently there is no straightforward way to backup and reuse a previous node wallet and node id however this is on the plans for upcoming versions :slight_smile: . Please remember to backup your BTTC private key using by tapping the dWeb tab in the app an going to BTFS Security Settings
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