Decentralised Character AI

You did not tell us how long are we going to stake for us to qualify for reward, thank you

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Hello, we are still figuring out the best possible ways of monetizing, which is feasible for the community as well. For now we are planning to upgrade only till your holdings are staked. We think this will create a strong community of stakers, increasing the community holdings and stabilizing the token demand.

Let me know your thoughts on the same.

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Hello @manfred_jr , you have raised very valid points. We are definitely thinking about having a generous trial for paid plans.

Although we are not thinking about multiple tiers as of now, just to keep our paid plans simple enough for the end users. However if you see any concerns there, let us know.

Also, we will be keeping the track of number of messages in a chat for checking the level of interaction

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From my understanding of your reply, it’s clear you are aiming to balance simplicity with functionality, which is commendable.
I’ll advise you ensure the trial period is long enough for users to appreciate the value of paid features.

What are the core features included in your single-tier paid plan?

You have not say what will be your charges when you finally carry out the monetization