Deploying UUPS upgradeable contract?


when i back to explore TRON, imnot sure how to deploy upgradeable UUPS solidity here in this tron ecosystem.

On remix IDE, at least they have this option, but i dont find it on TRON Ide

While also hardhat tools unable to deploy into TRON ecosystem.
Does anyone have better experience here for deploying upgradeable contract?


Check out Trons contract compiler

@blackboxmint this is just basic deploying.
I’m trying to deploy proxy which if i deploy like normally, it will only deploy my implementation.

nevermind, i just need to deploy manually the proxy1967
just need to use the flatten, and encode my initialization params.
it’s just more tedious do it manually since i have all contracts for my project will be all in proxies

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Ah I see, this no use ?