DePO, First P2P dApp with API

Great project,is it possible to make a smart contract without fees?

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In fact, it is not a purchase of cryptocurrency, because banks only see transactions between two users, but for the right legal answer we have to research the laws of each country to make this available)

It isn’t, But in some blockchains there is a concept of fee delegation, and the commission for the transaction can pay someone other than the executor of the transaction

This is a nice project, got questions for ya

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I would be happy to answer)

We’ve created telegram channel, you can join via this link!

Hola, es un buen proyecto, bien construido y además me gusta la descentralización que es lo que se viene buscando en el mundo de la criptomoneda. Suerte

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Project looks good. Best of luck for hackathon

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We’ve laucnhed the site, where you can read a little bit more about project!

Hola, es un proyecto muy interesante dónde el intercanmbio de monedas entre particulares adquiere valor, sustituyendo de una vez a los intermediarios, también decir que está muy bien coordinado y explicado. Gracias