Designing for Accessibility in Web 3 and crypto as a whole

In the cryptocurrency industry, accessible designs are essential to ensuring that blockchain technology and digital assets can be used by a broad and inclusive audience.

For me the importance of accessible design centers;

  1. Inclusivity: Accessible design gives room for people with disabilities such as visual impairment , mobility challenges etc. to be involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  2. User Experience : Accessibility features improves the overall experience of the users. Accessible design end up benefiting all users not just users with disabilities
  3. Exploring new markets. When people with disabilities can easily use crypto wallets and apps, it expands the user base and can drive more mainstream acceptance.

Thanks for sharing @Andreaxino
Sharing is caring. We need to spread more information like that

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I sincerely appreciate you for sharing with us.

I completely agree with your point of view.
These are very important aspects

Yes there nice features that have been pointed out and I believe one of the most important things should be possible right now is to provide accessibility for our African friends too, sadly I have seen that some African countries are having some problems about that I wish that it’ll be solved in future

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