Physical crypto events and its Economic Importance

GM Tronics, today I will be sharing on importance of Crypto events, which offer a better outreach method
for both hosts and attendees.

Just like our every other event where alots of planning
is made to successful event in terms of budgeting, stakeholder, equipment and tools setup and testing,
a lots more. Just like @StevenTRON @WindsOfChange92 will understand more with their experiences at Crypto events.

Recently, I’ve attended big crypto/Web3 event in my city.
I had to rock to the event with my Tron t-shirt. Any one i talked with, I was like. Hi, I’m Gordian one of Tron’s Ambassador Nigeria. In my mind the feeling is massive.

Good thing is that most know about Tron and even have
Tron link pro wallet with some TRX. More awareness
Will make them come out from hiding zone.

Crypto event have the following importance for each:

For Event Hosts:- this are the project owners coming together to host for the following benefit.

  • Project Visibility:- crypto event positions your organization as a thought leader in the crypto space, attracting potential clients and partners.

  • Networking Opportunities:- Events connect you with related professionals, investors, and potential customers, fostering collaboration and growth.

  • Brand Awareness:- crypto events raise brand awareness and build trust within the crypto community.
    Just like seeing your most stream project in love event and you get to see and connect with them .

  • For Event Attendees( the participants)

For individuals attending crypto event, they could be newbies, crypto developers, programers, Investors and non-crypto users which get to learn or earn from any of the following.

  • Education:- Events provide access to expert speakers and presentations, keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in the crypto space.

  • Networking:- offer valuable networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, potential employers, or business partners. I met with
    Some new people like graphic designer, developers
    Community managers. And it so good you can always relate with the crypto discussion.

  • Investment Insights: can provide valuable insights into potential investment opportunities within the crypto market. But don’t be carried away by the glamour of the event research small, ask questions before you invest.

  • Possible Giveaways: lots to be won, lot of partnership to be sealed. My recent crypto event I attended. About $1600 giveaway won by student and participants. I won some merch. All as marketing tools.

Now I will ask some Questions?
@Prince-Onscolo @Youngyuppie
@manfred_jr @Dendorion @Relate101 @gujjucryptoguy
@H_P @Nana66419 everyone

  1. Do you like the ideal of having crypto events in your city?
  2. Would you love to see Tron crypto event more in Africa?
  3. Does Crypto events really yield good result for the project?
  4. What do you look out for if you attending crypto event?
  5. Is Crypto event legalized in your city?

Get get to know from your. Let engage. Together we sTRONger. Together we Learn Together we Earn


This is really a good one… with no doubts crypto events has alots of positive impacts in the crypto industry and Blockchain at large.
Hehe I even in my deep sleep :sleeping: I will still vote with my two hands and two legs if possible for more crypto events in Africa :earth_africa:


I’m now craving be a speaker at upcoming crypto events.
Guess what I will be talking about. Passive income on Tron.

Crypto events is now a trend in my city. Upcoming event on the 18th and 19th of April.
Then on the 20th BTC halving set to occured. That week will be a blast.


Oh yes of course I love to because I haven’t attended one before but looking forward to be a participant especially on tron crypto events,
But I know crypto events can bring enthusiasts together, fostering education, networking, and community building. They can also raise awareness of crypto projects and attract new users.


The idea of irl meet ups for crypto events can’t be overlooked as it is very important to getting closer to project founders, picking their brains apart, and sharing Web3 ideas during the sessions, etc. Personally I wouldn’t see it has had that much of an overall impact on the space but it sure has had a lot of positive outcomes and counting, you can take into consideration events like NFT NYC for instance, it is very crucial in forging Web3 relationships, partnerships, seed funding, etc.


Wow it’s gonna be massive when you standing at a pulpit spreading the Tron gospel of passive income :fire:


That my Dream Buddy. Would be better speaking with evidence. Same way we have political speakers.
I chose Crypto speaker. Lols


That will be impressive to tronics and other users on crypto space, and again passive income on Tron is a hot topic, and crypto events are a perfect platform to share your knowledge, the timing with the upcoming events and BTC halving on the 20th is a perfect timing that could generate a lot of interest. Good luck buddy


Wishing you all the best bro, remember your boy am always ready to carry your bags everywhere

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Lols, we will meet at the event centre.
But will deploy AI to carry bag and portfolio. Lols
I don’t want to stress you my boss.

Thank you for the wish


Nice one buddy, Crypto Events is a Boon for Innovation and Community
Crypto events can be a powerful tool for fostering innovation and community building within a city because it’s event offer a platform for Education, Networking and investment.
Secondly talking about Tron crypto event in Africa to my best of knowledge, but I stand to be corrected Africa at large is a hotbed for crypto adoption, and Tron events could be particularly interesting, and Tron’s emphasis on mobile-based solutions aligns well with Africa’s high mobile phone penetration.


Not possible won’t allow to take my job ooo :joy:

Lols. Don’t worry will get your another Job of no stress.
Maybe Fighting AI founder job.

Do you feel AI should introduce into school system?


Though my name is not tagged want to answer from London

  1. Yeah, totally! Adds spice to London’s vibe. Crypto’s cool, and having events here makes it easier for peeps to get into it.
  2. Heck yeah! Africa’s a hot spot for growth. Tron events there could spark some serious buzz and maybe even change lives!
  3. Kinda hit or miss, innit? Some are meh, but the ones with dope content and networking? They’re gold!
  4. Gotta have interesting speakers, vibes, and chances to connect with new peeps. Oh, and updates on what’s shaking in the crypto world.
  5. Yes. Just one big condition. In order to operate in the United Kingdom, crypto exchanges must register with the FCA, or, alternatively, apply for an e-money license

First, sorry about that. Please forgive me.
The post is open for all.

Thank you for sharing your contribution.
Good to know there is regulations govering crypto activities over there in London.

Yes, good crypto speakers and vibes not to get one bored is very necessary

Yes, this is true, lots of attention in the African crypto market rn.

Do have a lovely weekend. together we sTRONger

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Thank you <3 you too. There was one time one project " Africa Stars / Turu Angels - NFT Fundraising"

Not sure, if they are still around. It was hyped a lot, people in forum wanna see more projects like this definitely


Yes, the more the hype and working efficiency of the team the more the success at most.

You attended crypto event recently?

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Yes I am attending not to events but mostly conferences of them in my city. Moreover, I spend time on this forum sometimes.

For now, I am waiting for new “London Blockchain Conference” in May21

I am a good listener and follower, not developer obv. :rofl:


Oh yes we have most of the big crypto event and conferences our there.

Would I be right to say crypto event and crypto seminar share in common.

Lols, me too. I’m not yet a developer

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As far as tech is widespreading with the speed of light , I won’t be surprised if it happens to be true some day

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