Is the Hackerthon and your vote important

As the title says is the Hackerthon important and does your vote matter. I’ve been actively trading on Tron for about 1 and a half years now, what first attracted me to the TronNetwork was the price as an investment, after that I started to look deeper into the tron ecosystem and was amazed about the easy way the whole network functions. Easy to use wallet ( TronLink) no transaction fees if you have Trx frozen and some amazing projects being build, nfts come along and that was me hooked. Now to the real question, this is my first Hackerthon I have taken part in and through navigating through the trondao chat I have learned so much more about Tron and it’s ecosystem, as many investors you normally have a favourite project which you fully support but reading through the chats in here has really open my eyes to how much more there is to explore, project that I have not come across before which have great value of interest. So, yes your vote matters, try reading through what is on offer from projects and how they could help the whole of the tron ecosystem to grow. You have more than 1 vote, support what interests you and what you support it will benefit TronNetwork and bring new project to the attention of all. Be safe and always DYOR happy hunting :gem::raised_hands:


I used all 5 of my votes for each track. In Total, I voted 20 times.


Trying to get the level 1 in order to vote, but it’s really difficult!


Keep grinding Mate, my advice is visit as many project pages as you can and read through there chats, ask questions and you’ll get there :+1:


I’m the same, trying to get to level 1 to be able to vote, but it’s hard to do it.

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Great summary! And agree their are many great projects


Yes it’s, also I am curious how the reading is working

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Our votes will be very important, but don’t see how hard it is to be allowed to vote.

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Yeah it is very important but don’t see why the idea to vote should be very hard .

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If anybody can just join and vote you will see 1000 bots joining and massively voting for the same projects. The “barriers” have been erected to make the competition as fair as possible for every project.


If this is true then it’s a good one!:blush:

Yeah, that’s a great effort.

But how will a project with sole member win against a project with 20+members?

All these 20+ members will vote for their project.

We must ask all member names in here and not allow their vote for their own project.

Just trying to make it fair for those efforts put in by these many hackers.

Yeah for the community vote it’s hard to be perfectly fair. But eventually what matters the most is the vote of the judges. And for them what matters is the product delivered. Everyone should focus on doing the best he/she can. Eventually they will be rewarded. If not by fundings, at least by the future support of the community. Cause the community can recognise a hard working team, even with only 1-2 team member(s).

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But there is a difference between getting rewarded for your two-month work which incentives the team to build and expecting that overtime it will just pay off.

If we support more hackers only then the ecosystem grows and eventually attracts investors to TRON ecosystem.

DYOR always!!! I find very good project in this season