Drone DAO for Integrated Water Management, Logistics, Operations and Sustainable Estate Development

Project Name: [Drone DAO]

Project Track: [Eco-friendly]

Team Name: [Aspiring Developers]

Team Member(s): [2 (manusheel, deepti)]

Dorahacks Project Link: [Drone DAO | Buidls | DoraHacks]

Project Goal: [Integrated Water Management: Safer and more efficient surveys; Accurate, geo-referenced point clouds for measurement, 3d visualization and export. Conduct Volume measurements in the point cloud, create contour lines and digitize models for break lines; Use our quality report to assess and control data quality.

Real Estate: Show property in 3D on the web; Navigate through your model, observing property and surroundings in detail from an aerial perspective. Create customized fly through videos to share with clients or advertise your business.

Building Construction: With Geo-referenced outputs and data acquisition, easily monitor your sites over time using digital surface models and Orthomosaics. Measurements: Volume calculation in the 3D point cloud is intuitive, with adjustable base height and more for accurate earthwork measurements; Output are compatible with CAD software. Verify the as built site status against design models using current 2d and 3d data from our cloud services.

Project Info: [
Drone Management and Monitoring Solution using modular iot gateway.pdf (3.7 MB)

Project Website: [ Drone DAO

Applications: Drones for Logistics, Maintenance and Services: Drones for Real Estate

Drones for Integrated Water Management (Website for End Consumers, Civic bodies): Water Management

Project Test Instructions: [ Developer Tools and API documentation in progress at github]

Project Details: [ Ensure effective design, engineering and delivery of solution for detecting & managing UAVs & Drones using modular iot gateway device solution, Tron’s BTTC and Waves blockchain and DAO tooling, Solana and Canto blockchain, Elusiv, IBC and Cosmos, setting up geo fences using predictive analytics, expert.ai nlp apis, automation, Ethereum & Filecoin eco-system tools.

Drone DAOs create a RFP for providing service or maintenance on the dapp. Drone drivers can join a RFP by minting an NFT of that RFP. This NFT is created on FVM. Drone drivers that have a certain RFP’s NFT are eligible to create proposals and vote on them. Voting is gasless and the vote is stored on IPFS and Filecoin with the most recent vote linking to one before. Votes are uploaded to IPFS with the most recent vote linking to one before. This is done by storing the previous vote’s CID in the file of the newest one. Therefore a chain of verifiable data is created.

We are generating NFTs for NFC tags of drone licenses of drone owners/drivers and contract professionals involved in drone administration.

Decentralized NFT-based voting system for contract work for service & maintenance providers and companies and Aerial Traffic Control. DAOs can issue NFTs to wallets based on service and maintenance performance and work completed, and the holders of these NFTs can create proposals and vote on other proposals whilst they have the NFTs of that contract work.

Demos: Drone DAO - Google Drive

Applications: Drones for Logistics, Maintenance and Services: Drones for Real Estate

Drones for Integrated Water Management (Website for End Consumers, Civic bodies): Water Management

Benefits: Enable effective management and communication setup for Drones utilized in Construction, Logistics, Operations, Remote Water Monitoring, Sewage Management, Quality Assurance and Recyclability of Water in rivers.

Smart Contract links: [ Tron testnet and Mainnet deployment in progress;

Web3 Analytics tooling with integration to Tron’s BTTC blockchain: Drone-DAO/BTTC-analytics-tooling at main · aspiringsecurity/Drone-DAO (github.com)

Bootstrapping Tron Smart contract links: Drone-DAO/tron-contracts at main · aspiringsecurity/Drone-DAO · GitHub]

Project Milestones: [ Wish to share the milestones:

a. Critical Milestones: Complete the launch of Tron developer tooling modules and APIs for Drone DAO

b. Benchmark Milestones:

  1. Developer Milestones: Evolution of the developer tools and platform with the help of collaborators; Completion of supporting collateral required to fulfill services and deliverables such as the equipment, supplies, open source software tools.
  2. Survey on community’s needs, user interaction, selection of vendors, collaboration with pilot centers like NSUT where we could deploy full-scale pilot, possibly focused on mobile.
  3. Organize a hardware agnostic program. Enable pilot users to be developers of platform and contribute in improving the existing algorithms using websites like Kaggle.
  4. Data Collection Milestones: Continue the collection, data organization, management of images and associated video report data to improve computer aided detection using deep learning.

You are welcome to S4 Hackatron
wishing you all the best

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Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind wishes. Appreciate it.

Bienvenidos a este S4. Suerte

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Thank you so much for the kind wishes. Appreciate it.

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best :handshake:

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Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind wishes. Appreciate it.

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You are highly welcome :handshake:

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Hi @manusheel, welcome to S4 and after reading this project I’ve already sent this to some TRON/Drone enthusiast!

I had a few questions, one of them was about you’re projecting to ensure the accuracy of the geo-referenced point clouds for measurement and 3D viz. Are there any tools you are using or waiting to use?

Also, in terms of the overall project how do you see NFT’s for drone licenses benefiting those users then what is already established (if any)?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you so much @EMerchant for your feedback and encouragement. Appreciate it. Great to hear that you have shared about our project to Tron/Drone enthusiast.

Wish to share that we have started focusing on utilizing and customizing “Cloud Compare” OSS tool (https://cloudcompare.org/) for geo-referenced point clouds for measurement and 3d viz along with a user driven (wysiwyg UI) open source spreadsheet tool SocialCalc (please visit SocialCalc - OLPC and GitHub - audreyt/ethercalc: Node.js port of Multi-user SocialCalc) developed by us with our collaborators. The purpose of spreadsheet is to enable tabulation, organization, canonicalization and import and export with csv files. For introducing/educating a new user or developer, who no prior experience in the mathematics aspect related to area of shaded regions or integral calculus, we are using geogebra OSS tool (https://www.geogebra.org/) for better understanding of 3d visualization and computation. On processing and computing point cloud data, we are experimenting and developing with 2 OSS libraries (PCL: https://pointclouds.org/, PDAL: PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library — pdal.io.

On the same note, wish to share that we have prior experience on using Matlab and Autodesk tools, but focused on OSS tools to enable B2G (business to government) pilot projects with Tron’s BTTC blockchain for enabling transparency, security of point cloud data (UAV incident data, anomaly detection csv files).

In reference to using NFT’s for drone licenses, there is a strong reason behind it. We would not be re-inventing the wheel but will attach an NFT to NFC tag of drones used for authentication and authorization at the time of licensing, inspection and after sales inventory management (strategic parts and service lifecycle management).

Most end nodes of drone devices are commissioned using NFC enabled iot modular gateway devices powered by NXP semiconductors or a competent hardware company in the NFC domain. This is a highly regulated and monitored exercise by the government and we plan to reduce the paperwork and wait time for drone RC (registration certificate) documentation, inspection and after sales management, AMC by collaborating with organizations like TechSwarm using NFTs attached to NFC tags of drones.

In Delhi or even in most of South Asia, where we wish to do the initial trials, the entire drone license pipeline is managed by the department of Aerial Traffic and Control. Geofencing (where a drone can travel and where it cannot travel) is another reason why we need an authorization/authentication layer.

Finally, at this juncture, wish to share a lesson learnt from the field. We will be trying to do pilot trials in university campuses as we believe this would reduce the compliance time and enable us to focus on platform development and engineering. Hoping to arrive at a good conclusion and address the challenges.

Thank you so much once again for your feedback and questions. Appreciate it. Please let me know if you have further questions, pointers, thoughts or feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all the best, i hope you come out with flying colours.


Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind wishes. Appreciate it.

Your site is very minimalistic and descriptive. It is very important to offer a platform where users can navigate easily with question marks in their minds, and you have achieved this very successfully :heart: :heart:

If you want to review also our project:
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Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness. Appreciate it.

Great to hear about your submission: MusiCoinCity. Thank you so much for sharing. Will definitely study and share feedback. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your project.

Typically in the fields of Construction, Logistics, Operations, Remote Water Monitoring, Sewage Management, Quality Assurance and Recyclability, there is a contracted professional entity that provides service to a local government. So I don’t see why a one of those contracted entities will require to use a blockchain to provide themself with data.

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Thank you so much for your feedback and pointers. Appreciate it.

The government authorities indeed release tenders for contract work in the fields of Construction, Logistics, Operations, Remote Water Monitoring, Sewage Management, Quality Assurance and Recyclability. These tenders are indeed given out to contracted entities based on eligibility requirements and past performance.

Wish to share that the projects in these areas are provided under a 4-5 year contractual plan and many a times when the contractual entities change (this happens due to change of state or central government authorities), the historical data, vital information workflows and documentation are indeed lost. Further, the current organizational structures have the following issues:

  1. High friction
  2. Limited integration
  3. Lack of proof of personhood
  4. Legal risks

We wish to resolve it by developing a hassle-free, democratic, compliant Drone DAOs with the emphasis on:

  1. Fee-free experience
  2. Decentralized integrations
  3. Proof of personhood
  4. Mitigate security issues