Fictron: stories, reimagined

Fictron is a platform for fiction novels. Everyone can publish books on Fictron an everyone can read books. Unlike other platforms you don’t have to pay for the books before reading, instead you pay while you read using micro-transactions implemented on the TRON network.

Project Name: Fictron
Project Track: Web3
Team Member(s): Only me
Contract Address: @louweal
Project Info: On Fictron you can start reading as many books as you like and only pay for the pages you read using micro-transactions implemented on the TRON network. This makes it easier to discover new writers and might save you a lot of money.
Project Details: For more info see Devpost.
DevPost URL:
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: You can create an account by connecting your TRON wallet using TronLink. It works on both NIle testnet and Shasta testnet.
Project Video:

Project Milestones:
Finalize working dApp front-end + TronLink: Beginning of November 2022
Finalize back-end: TBD
Finalize audio book support: TBD
Finalize marketing strategy: TBD

Feel free to ask any questions.


@louweal Awesome, like old school amazon and kindle? This should hopefully put more money back into creators pockets too?

There are a few in the field such as steemit etc so can you give the main difference between your project and them? as steemit was acquired by Tron so would also have that as competition


Hi :wave:
How are the revenue distributed between writers and the platform?
If it’s a pay per page, should people fill some trx on an account and then it will be deducted or are they going to be deducted from their wallet each time they “turn a page” (which would be very expensive in tx fees :see_no_evil:)?


Greetings louweal! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Details
Project Milestones
Contract Address

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can everyone be a writer? :person_raising_hand:

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Will the platform be built to read out scripts whiles i lie down and listen. Pay to do the hardwork again will be quite tough.

But its a nice concept which will indeed help the content creators. Writers will be making some good bucks with your system.

a very novel idea i’d say

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cool concept, just one person did it and it makes it more awesome

Nice concept! We can skip the credits to save some pennies! :joy:

All payments go directly and fully to the writers.

Fictron is only for books, it’s not a social media platform like Steemit

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Currently all revenue goes to the writers.
Each book is divided into 50 micro-transactions, which is less than the number pages a real book has on average (the demo books are a bit shorter to make them easier explore).
This approach keeps the total transaction fees relatively low, while it is also easy to use (the TRX is directly transferred from the users’ wallets, no need to ‘pre-pay’ for anything).

Yes everyone can add books :slight_smile:

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Cool project, please will the book have an audio version?
If it does how can you cost the number of pages that will be listened to by the subscriber?

Currently you can only read books and not listen to audio books, but adding support for audio books is a awesome idea. I will look into adding audio books! (but that will be released after the hackathon ends, because currently there’s not enough time left to make big changes)

I love the simplicity of this project… Superb and Creative. The microtxn is a gem haha.
My question is, if I am actually interested in not all the pages in the book… how then will my fee be calculated… Will it be fair? Does it consider the total number of pages of the book? Can you clearly define that please?


Ok looking forward for it.
Good luck

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Just like normal books, each book has a price. A book can cost for example 350 TRX (approx. 19 dollars). Unlike normal books, you do not have to pay this before reading, but you pay while you read using micro-transactions. So when you read only 30% of a book that costs in total 350 TRX, you only pay 105 TRX.

You have to start reading from the beginning of the book, because that is where most people start reading a fiction novel. :wink:

Perfect. Thanks for the clarification


seems cool. reading should stay forever

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Cool project nice UI. It is also open source which is great.

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