Giga Tron Television by khiruparaj1

Project Name: Giga Tron Tv

Project Track: Web3

Team Member(s): 2, khiruparaj1, Vignesh_Siva_P

DevPost URL: Giga Tron TV | Devpost

Project Goal: To digitalize traditional Televisions and overcome obstacles on streaming platforms.

Demo Video: Giga Tron Demo

Project Website: Link to Giga Tron Tv

Github Link: Giga tron tv github link

Project Details:

Passive video entertainment is still in demand. People prefer watching TV in the background in today’s multitasking society. Because Cable TV is expensive, we developed a TV system entirely on the Tron Nile TestNet, with each channel/stream treated as an NFT. The stream’s link is saved in the metadata. The link can be changed at any moment by the owner. The protocol (in beta) supports the majority of video-sharing platforms, including live streaming, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch.


In our generation, people are more inclined towards digital forms of traditional televisions. Major streaming platforms do co-exist in the space along with televisions. However, streaming sites like YouTube do not provide the same experience as watching TV and do not provide channel owners with complete access and revenue from ads. Furthermore, platforms also limit the type of content that can be streamed. As a result, we developed a television system that functions similarly to television but allows users to stream, record, and host (mint) channels.

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1: Log in to TronLink wallet

Step 2: Change to Nile TestNet

Minting channels:

Step 3: Click on Mint to mint your channel

Step 4: Enter the streaming link and click mint

Step 5: Approve the transaction

Updating Channels:

Step 6: Click on the update button

Step 7: Enter the channel number (you must be the owner of the channel), and the new link, and click update

Step 8: Approve the transaction


Hola, es un proyecto interesante, me gustaría saber si verdaderamente el propietario del canal sería el que gestionaría directamente las vistas de su canal, publicidades, etc. También que costes supondría para este y en el caso para las persona que visitaran los canales. Gracias

Hi @antonio, thanks for commenting. Till now, there’s no direct cost associated with viewing the channel. However, we intend to implement a subscription model which will be determined by the creator rather than the platform. The owner would have complete control over the ads/content on the channel.

Wonderful project. But a little advice, maybe u can make titles bold, so people will read easily. I gave u 1 vote guys. Good luck in the competition. And also if u have time, please check our projects also please

Hello, nice project team. This is decentralization at its core.

I am on Nile testnet but unable to mint. Is there something I am doing wrong

Hey Steve,
Thanks for checking out our project. You need to enter a streaming link in the box. For example, 12k HDR 60fps Dolby Vision | Best of 2022 - YouTube It can be any video link (youtube, twitch, or Vimeo). A channel that has not been minted will have a preview video running as shown in the picture. Currently, channel 4 and channel 5 are not minted yet. Once you provide a link to a stream, you will be the owner of channel 4. For the sake of the project, we have limited the number of channels to 5. If you wish to update the link in the future, click on the update button → enter the channel number you own and wish to update → enter the new link, and hit update. If you cannot see any channels once the page has been loaded, log in to the TronLink wallet, change your network to Nile testnet and reload the page.

Nice projecty,i really appreciate the work the team puts into this

A big THANKS for the detailed clarification. I am gonna check it out