Project Development Tutorials in TRON

Hello, we are the UltimaTron team participating in season 5 in the web3 category. We continue to develop our project and shape our website. There is a content that we came across in this process and we wish very much. But this content is like a request from the Tron support team.

Before the other seasons start, can we get some simple project tutorials on a platform like Youtube with Tronlink / Metamask and project development on TRON, BTTC?

Yes, the resources are very sufficient and there are similar ones on youtube. But still, I think it would be a great support for every project developer to learn about the development of a simple project from the beginning and how it differs from the development of projects on the other side, such as ETH.

I’d be glad if other developer friends on the forum share their opinions.


During our development we used a couple times the links that are mention on this page
Dev Talks - [Helpful Links for Developers]

Hope it will help you something😊

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Good question, since TronLink supports different EVMs and we don’t know much about that either. If the current libraries offer this support or attach some documentation for it or we simply use it as if it were a metamask.

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Recently I have seen someone posted the previous seasons’ winners and projects I guess which looks quite interesting idk if that helps but its defo an inspiration fr @UltimaTron :pray:

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