Gratify: Decentralized Crowdfunding on Tron Blockchain

Project Name: Gratify
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: 9icedev
Team Member(s): 1 team member and 9icedev

Dorahacks Project Link: Gratify | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: a way of raising funds for finance projects and startup businesses via Defi platforms. It is an innovative way of sourcing funding for new projects, businesses or ideas.** .

Project Info:
Gratify is a Defi app aim to support startup companies/ideas with Tron tokens. The project slides will be uploaded soon.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
Gratify is a Defi Crowdfunding platform aim at support startup companies or ideas in a Decentralized ecosystem with the use of Tron tokens.

How to use Gratify App

Install tronwallet and create account on Nile testnet (network)
Fund the account with Tron token at TRON | NILE TESTNET
Then connect your account to the gratify platform
Create a beg ( proposal for a campaign)

Project Details:
Gratify Tron demo video

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:
We choose building gratify as a dapp due to it being transparency.

Implemented a Smart contract for managing funds.
Safeguard the smart contract functions (i.e only the intended user can call or interact with the contract).
Testing and debugging the contract and the flow of fund during transactions.
Deployment of the contract on TronIDE( TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器)

Create a react UI app for the frontend
Install tronwallet, create account on Nile testnet (network), fund the account with Tron token at TRON | NILE TESTNET
Interacting with the smart contract from the frontend app
Building the UI and connecting it with Blockchain (smart contract)
Testing and debugging errors(like out of energy,name typepo, signing transactions with rough account etc ).
Deployment app at Gratify | Buidls | DoraHacks


Welcome to S4
Success on your build


Thats great and also welcome to the forum. But i want to know, those who donate to fund these startups, what do they stand to gain??

And what measures will be put in place to check if these startup projects are legit and not vampires ready to suck innocent bystanders blood.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: vampires thats true tho


I invested in a started project three years ago only to realise their project will start in 2025.

It was that day i saw the need to first read whitepapers thoroughly before making and crypto financial decisions.


:joy::joy: honestly reading whitepapers I’ve never done that before
Sorry for your experience let’s hope gratify can make a change @9icedev

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You are welcome
This is a nice idea
Most project lacks funds and they end of collapsing. But please how do these crowdfunding works? People just donate funds to support Or foundations like tron set up some funds to be given to startups or it’s like launchpads


You really came up with a great idea and solution as well, this is the reason why TronDao is one of the best in funding projects to build,… how would this crowdfunding work?
Because some kind of crowdfunding in the past dramatically transfigured to a ponzi scheme, please in detailed explanation how would your own look like, is it reliable?


Welcome to Season 4

How does Gratify plan to ensure the security and integrity of its crowdfunding platform, and what measures are in place to prevent fraud or misuse of funds?

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I plan on Improving governance by implementing a voting mechanism for platform decisions, improving transparency around decision-making, and empowering users to have a greater say in the platform’s direction.
This will give those who participate in donations higher say in the platform.

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People can create a crowdfunding campaign for their startup ideas :bulb: and roadmap
Then donator can preview the contents of the campaign on whether or not to donate.

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Hello Grace Tron
Lovely concept for your project.

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Please I have some questions to clear my doubts

  1. Any long term plans for mixing social and
    sharing media, or other promotional tools to
    enhance campaigns on your
    crowdfunding platform?
    Like on twitter.

  2. Hope there are plans for community management, including engagement, moderating discussions, and managing feedback and reviews on your crowdfunding platform?
    Any active social media for your project?

  3. Before i forget,
    Are the criteria or standard to be met before
    Using your platform?
    I’m asking in connection to
    What measures will you have in place to
    prevent fraud, scams, or unethical behavior
    on your crowdfunding platform?


Thank for detecting this, please kindly make sure that your browser have the tronlink pro extension installed, and change the network from mainnet to testnet, then reload the site. I will work on this fix. You can check the "project test instructions " on the project details for more info on interacting with the app.

Alright, I will try it later
Please hope answers for my questions soon
All the best

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Crowdfunding, very good idea to help startup manage funds
The voting mechnism is also a great idea, this is what we need we need control over who we give our money to.
Kudos well done
You need to answer people’s questions in time also to have a shot at the community price as i see you havent been active.
Well done


I believe I will get some answers to my questions

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Welcome to hackaTRONs4 ! Nice project idea like kickstarter ! Good luck to you !

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Sorry, I haven’t been active due to …

Any long term plans for mixing social and
sharing media, or other promotional tools to
Yes, social sharing buttons will be added to the platform that will make it easier for users to promote their projects and campaigns on social media, which can help to increase exposure and drive more funding.

I am planning on using a leaderboard system to regulate community engagement and active participate are giving badges.

the feedback, reviews and comment features are later update on the roadmap.

Are the criteria to be met before Using your platform?
currently no, but after the leaderboard system have been implemented users with badges will have more say in d platform.

measures for the crowdfunding platform?
the smart contract itself is secure and robust for funds transactions.
Active users with badges and donor have higher priority than new/inactive user.

Any active social media for your project?
I am currently focus on building, but u right :+1:, gratify social account will be created soon for updates, interaction etc.