QCF - Quadratic Crowdfunding Platform

Project Name: QCF
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: binaryAlphas
Team Member(s): 3 @blue33 @rish78 @shikhar13012001
DevPost URL: Shreshth Goyal's (shreshthgoyal) software portfolio | Devpost
Project Goal: This is a decentralized platform that enables crowdfunding for projects on Tron ecosystem. QCF provides project funding through the concept of Quadratic Funding to help deserving projects grow. We at QCF, fund the community for the community. We at QCF aim to provide seamless and secure experience to our users so we have used Github OAuth process to verify our users as well as the uploaded projects.

You can follow our workflow here.
Project Info: To be updated
Project Website: To be updated
Project Test Instructions: To be updated
Project Details: To be updated

Project Milestones: As of now we have tested the project locally i.e. testing the smart contract, connecting it with our frontend and testing out all the functionalities. We have successfully used several APIs and made our project functional. Currently, we are looking into deploying our contract and solving some nitpicks.
We have added a sponsor feature, where sponsoring parties can contribute directly to the matching pool rather than contributing to projects. The money from matching pool is divided to the projects hosted at the end of contribution rounds based on the results of CLR matching and Quadratic Funding Algorithm.

Update: We added a User Profle page where every user could see the details of project maintainers, connect with them, and see projects maintained and developed by the particular maintainer they have hosted on QCF. Now we’ll be working on deploying our contract on Tron and solving some UX related nitpicks.


All the best guys! This looks interesting!


Perfect project goal, good luck

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goal is so great, waiting for all details

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Thank you for your comment ! :smiley: :smile:


Hey! Thank you for supporting!! :grin:


Heyy! Thank you for your comment! Will be updating as soon as we complete our checklist. :smile:

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Hi, nice project :wave:

I know that the platform is decentralised and that people should DYOR before investing but the reality is unfortunately very different with the theory. So I was wondering if there is some kind of control on which project can apply on the platform or a mechanism that would allow users to flag a project and then the team could review or organise a poll.

Let’s say a project looking for funds are an obvious ponzi mlm. Could users of your platform hit a button “report” and then maybe:

  • the team could review it and decide either or not that project can stay on the platform
  • a poll could be organised automatically and the community could vote either or not the project should be removed
  • a “high risk/potential scam” could be added on the project profile

What would be in your opinion the best solution?

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Hey Thanks for commenting!
We have a verification and validation security measure only as of now where only those projects which are open sources for the community can be hosted on our platform, and every contributor can look into the project before adding a contribution to minimize scam projects. Every contributor needs to go through an OTP verification to prevent Sybil attacks.
Apart from this, I like the idea of having a team to judge the projects and at the same time keeping our platform decentralized we are thinking of implementing this in the future with the help of introducing DAO to our project which we are not currently including in this version of QCF.

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@blue33 We do need a few more DeFi launch platforms that are trustworthy and especially on the Tron blockchain as there really does not seem to be that many that are not owned by Tron themselves so not very decentralized.

Will you have a early stage investors round for a platform specific token?

Or will you focus mainly of vetting projects and use already existing tokens such as TRX, USDD?

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Heyy! Thanks for commenting Simon! :grin:
As of now, we are looking forward to maturing our project. As this platform gets ready for the community, subsequently we’ll be looking into QCF-specific tokens related to each hosted project and contributions received.

No worries, looking forward to seeing the updates coming in during the Hackathon :handshake:

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Thank you for this suggestion though! Will keep updating the details for sure. :smile:


Greetings blue33! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
Contract Address

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Nice concept, crowdfunding is one of the easiest ways to raise capital for startup projects. I have participated in alot of crowdfunding initiatives but after the amount is raised, the project goes silent and nothing is heard of it again.

I remember doing alot of it on Coinsibit platform.

What is the guarantee that the projects looking for startup capital will not just abandon the project and do away with the money as they pleased.

Will those who invested upon not seeing any updates request for their funds back.?