GreenDAO - Empower your community with TRON

Project Name: GreenDAO
Project Track: Academy
Team Name: GreenDAO
Team Member(s): 2 Students from Ajamani Multilateral High School and Angelina College
DevPost URL: MD Baha Uddin's (kabirhossen866) software portfolio | Devpost
Project Goal: Empower your community with TRON
Project Info:

Video: Video

Presentation: Final.pptx - Google Slides

Considering the current Energy Crisis, we have to change the paradigm and get the whole community aware and involved in the energy transition. The Central Top-Down model doesn’t benefit the whole community and has led to sky high energy bills. To save the planet from Climate Change, we will have to move to a bottom-up model that can lead us to a sustainable world where everybody thrives.

Our magic solution (400 characters):
GreenDAO, DAO as a service to empower communities as a decentralized autonomous organization to take more control over the issues that affect them. GreenDAO uses the power of Web 3.0 Infrastructure from TRON to deliver a dependable way for governments and municipalities to distribute funds and subsidies, so these communities can make the decisions that are best for them. GreenDAO gives everybody a vote and a voice.

How it works (max 5 steps)

  1. Create DAO: A community DAO is created on the GreenDAO platform. The whole community is invited to participate in the DAO.
  2. Set goal: The municipality sets a goal for the DAO, for example: an energy independent neighbourhood and a wallet with funds to achieve this goal.
  3. Create quotations and ideas: Different ideas to achieve these goals, and quotations by providers, are posted on the platform by the community. These options have to comply with terms and conditions defined in smart contracts.
  4. Check ideas and vote: Everybody in the DAO can vote on their favourite options to achieve the goal.
  5. The options with the most votes are selected. The smart contracts will be executed where the money in the wallet from the goal will be sent automatically to the wallets of the selected ideas.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: GreenDAO/ at main · 457ksnider/GreenDAO · GitHub

Project Details:

Project Milestones:
Tron Nile Network (Completed)
Tron Testnet (Future)


Would be cool to contact your own local authorities and see if they are interested in using it for testing purpose and post results here even after the hackathon :+1:


Best wishes :+1: , the project is based out of which country ?


Thanks, that will be very nice!:blush:

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Thank you Deba215, we are from United States and Bangladesh - Ajamani Multilateral High School and Angelina College


heyyy are you planning to globalize your project? btw love it :100:


If you re planning which countries are you gonna start ?


So if i read it right, it is a way where by municipalities will set goals for community members to bring in ideas on how to solve energy crisis and the best idea is rewarded after a community vote?

So what happens after the best idea is selected. Are those who proposed the idea going to be given the opportunity to put their idea to test or the municipal authorities takes over the idea and make it their own.


Thank you Azrailgazresmi😊 We really appreciate your comment. The goals is continue development and we are in contact with people from the government that will help us to start a pilot next year.


At the moment our own countries, USA and Bangladesh. Some states in the USA, like Wyoming / Taxes and Denver, are very open to work with web3 to bring engaged their people.


Yes, with the DAO everyone can be part of the solution. The ideas with the most vote will get the fund in TRON to by the equipment that they ask for. As you can see in the demo, you have to deliver an invoice with the amount in the smart contract, so everyone see what the idea is asking.


That is wonderful, so ur ideas will receive the needed funds for its implementation ones it has been voted by the DAO.

That is very great and i love it. Wishing you the best in this hackathon.

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This project is very good, this is exactly where so many people are waiting for. Connecting people and make green energy accessible for everyone. This is the right project and the right time. When are you going to test the product?

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Loved all designs, u r wonderful guys

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Thank you so much for the kind words😊