Hackathon 2022 S2 - Vote for your favorite projects here!

CUKIES WORLD, presenta un proyecto a largo plazo, con incorporación de nuevos jugadores todo el tiempo.

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:rotating_light:We Need Your Voice. Cast your vote on TronDao & Devpost now! :rotating_light:

You have asked and we delivered.

Lately, we submitted NFTmall as a participant in the Tron DAO Hackathon.

We’re confident that together with our lovely community, we can score first place. We are launching a long-awaited newly added feature today!

We made NFT Collections minting easier, simpler and popular in just a few clicks! you can now mint any ERC721 NFT Collection on https://bttc.nftmall.io!:eyes:

Plus we’ve prepared a handy tutorial for you. Check this out. :point_right:

:fire:VOTE for NFTmall! Make us secure the first place and win the Hackathon prize.

:v:Your vote matters.

:hourglass_flowing_sand:Only 4 hrs left until Public Voting Ends. (11th Aug at 5:00 PM EDT)

:ballot_box_with_check:Choose #N22 to vote for NFTmall

Thank you for supporting us. :pray:

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I love all these project, xome, xome on! :))

Thanx is my favorite, @ThanXFinance!!!
Check their project! :slight_smile: :grin:

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Last moment of voting, good luck to everyone :+1: may the best win


We have just posted a new update for Tokeniz check it out here. Make sure to vote for us at #N25 Tokeniz


might do but can’t vote :angry:


Do you think that participants with multiple projects in a particular (thesame) category be allowed to win multiple times in that particular category

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I am of the opinion that it you should only be allowed to win one slot per category so that other people can also get a chance at their various projects

You can get your badge, you just need to view more topics

Only 3 hours left, let’s go.

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Every vote counts! Many good projects to pick.

we are closing in :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

No se hace tan pronto… llevo días pasando tiempo aquí, tiempo bien usado porque he aprendido y conocido cosas nuevas.
Una pena que sigo sin poder votar

You need to see more topics, try checking out chit chat for discussion section and you should be able to get the badge


I want to vote as well mate :slight_smile: @artbill8


Dear bots and peeps out there, don’t hesitate to support our project as well :nerd_face:
#D5 - ThanX Finance

ThanX! :fire:


Forget the bots please. Real people for real projects


It’s going to be tight…

I vote for #D12 WARP - The best project in support of USDD and the tron ​​network :gem: