Future of Tokeniz: Giving value to NFTs

This topic is to discuss the development plans, goals, as well as future of the project #N25 Tokeniz, after the Hackathon season 2.

Please read the preface for Tokeniz here

Well after getting great reviews, suggestions, for the community we have decided upon various plans for the future.

But prior to that let me make it clear that Tokeniz is a utility NFT meant to be used for various purposes listed in the preface. It is not a NFT for holding and or reaping benefits from unlike hundreds of other projects out there.

And since we are making it as utility, we do not care about rarity.
Hence here are our decisions:-

  1. Everyone will be able to mint any number of Tokeniz for a specific price (yet to be decided)

  2. Tokeniz will be available on all major chains so everyone will be able to use its utility rather than worrying about the chain they are using.

  3. We will be launching a BRC20 token on BTTC chain (Name yet to be decided) with wrapped versions on other chains, which will be used as currency to mint Tokeniz.

  4. On minting a Tokeniz, the BRC20 token used as fee will be divide into developers fee, burning token, thus making tokeniz a deflationary token to reward the holders.

  5. We will also have a DAO to control the major decisions related to the usage of Tokeniz. It will be on BTTC chain.

  6. Few features such as fee less transactions or ecommerce platform like NFT market place will be available only on TRON chain. We have various technicalities yet to be finalized.

  7. We will be integrating BTFS for storing user generated data via Tokeniz.

Here are a few Deadlines we have decided upon

  1. 20th August 2022:- launch of crowdfunding campaign for seed stage funding of the project. We will use this campaign to award private ICO whitelisting. And Tokeniz demo launch on polygon mumbai testnet

  2. 31st August 2022:- New UI demo, with a introductory video for Tokeniz. Also the launch of Tokeniz social media handles. And start of marketting phase

  3. 30th Sept. 2022:- launch of Tokeniz on BTTC mainnet with basic features, and start of ICO

Later dates are yet to be decide, which include dex listing of our token, mainnet launch of various other chains, Dao launch, etc.

We know many projects after the hackathon will die down after the hackathon. We plan at growing big after the same and provide a lot to the tron ecosystem.

So in this topic please reply with your suggestions, and how we can get Tokeniz to a greater level.

Please don’t spam this topic with worthless comments, we mean business and are dead serious about all we said here.


Great goals and plans! Keep up the engagement with the community and also the continuous updates.

If you need help in anything, feel free to reach out to us.

Good luck! :raised_hands:


Good luck man! That is so great


You mean a TRC20? Tron is TVM, TRC20 and ETH = EVM, ERC20 :laughing:

You can launch a BRC20 on BitTorrent Chain (Tron’s Crosschain blockchain) because they are EVM compatible.

You can also integrate with BitTorrent File System instead of IPFS if you want to go full-on TRON tech.


Thank you @WindsOfChange92 for pointing that out.
I got it edited accordingly