The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 Winners Announcement!

On behalf of USTX team I want to thank the organizers and congratulate with all participants and winners of this Season 2 Tron Grand Hackathon.

WARP won the DeFi community award and all the merit for this goes to our loyal supporters and friends of several other community projects.

A politically correct answer should probably stop here, but I cannot do it.

Let me bring up the winner list for our track:

This morning on our TG one of our users asked a simple question: why none of the projects on the right side is present on the left side? Let me rephrase, why none of the community selected projects was sected by the judges on DevPost?

Frankly I don’t have an answer, but I’m here asking for the answer to that question to the organizers.

What I see is that the judges awarded other projects. So the opinion of the experts is that none of the community projects deserved to be in the top 8 spots. This logically means that the ideas, the goals, the implementation, the functionality behind those projects are way out of line with respect to the expert opinions. How can we succeed if the most important kol and experts of Tron don’t think we are worth the 8th spot in the hackathon. Should we keep developing, knowing that our project, our work, is so undervalued?

One other issue that I see with the list of winners is that some of them do not have a working product deployed on mainnet (Tron/BTTC). This requirement was clarified by Taylor Malahoff (one of the DevPost managers) on DevPost forum.

What is the official explanation for this?

I also want to thank the admins here for having cleaned up the votes, removing duplicates and irregular votes. Nevertheless I cannot understand why the project that had the most votes removed here and got bumped to third place, in the end got a bigger award than any of the community winning projects.

I wrote all this not to complain, or to build a case, but because I’m really worried that many users and developers of the Tron community could leave and quit. This would be a great loss for the ecosystem.

The future development plans for USTX will be posted on our topic in the next days.


Agree it is odd that project without deployment won prizes. And that includes the community vote as well, just on the community side of the picture on your post there are several projects without deployment.

why none of the projects on the right side is present on the left side?

I don’t think this is odd at all. It is no secret that the community vote is about the “community” and not the quality of the project. How many of the community voters do you think looked through every submissions and only after that made a choice of who to vote on?

In fact, I think the connection the tg member is drawing between left and right with this question doesn’t make sense if you consider how different the thought process was behind each type of voter (community vs judge)

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To be honest I felt and still feel the exact same way.
But maybe they can give some clarification if they show the reasons on why they voted the way they did.


So you are telling me that the community developed projects are basically worth nothing, despite all the effort spent in providing applications with real use case, trusted teams, continuous support and community building? If this is the case, why should we keep building? If the community award is just a prize for the losers, I don’t think we need it.

Also, I’m not saying that the judge ranking should be tha same of the community, quite the contrary actually. But if the judges think that NONE of the community awarded projects are worth the top 8, we have a problem.


Hey Tronics, thanks for all the comments. We are seeing a couple of questions here and let us make some clarifications.

Regarding eligibility of a project, the rules remain the same as we first announced on - To build (or significantly update) a software application/dApp/website that integrates with the TRON/BTTC blockchain.

All eligible projects sent to the judges had some form of integration with TRON/BTTC. We recommend projects to launch on the mainnet as more judges and community members can test it, but it is not a hard requirement as we understand some projects need to be fully flushed out before moving to mainnet. Therefore, we have published the same message many times publicly and privately that it is fine if a project is on testnet. For projects that don’t need to be launched on-chain, we required the project to show a working demo, whether it be an app, an integration to TronLink, the usage of our ecosystem token, or a website for the judges to see or test, etc. A project that is merely an idea or a proposal without a working demo will not be qualified. Please also be aware that the judges are receiving private submissions on the judging panel, which could include apps, files, or codebases that were not published publicly on the DevPost open gallery.

For those that were sceptical about the judges’ results, please understand that the scores are compiled from a panel of judges (primarily experts outside of TRON DAO) that voted on each project independently. The scores are then combined by the DevPost platform and checked by the DevPost team to ensure the validity of the results.

It’s interesting to see different results across both the judges-voted list and the community-voted list but this is somewhat expected as the judges and the community evaluate projects differently. That’s why we created two separate pools to reward as many participants as we can as we know each of you works hard to achieve this.

Kudos to all winners, runner-ups, and participants that keep building!


On behalf of Tokeniz I would like to thank everyone for your support and giving us a chance to bring something new into existence.

As for what the future of tokeniz is we have this topic created please go through it once,
And provide us with your valuable suggestions


I don’t know what to tell you, there is a list of judges and a list of judging criteria on the devpost. I suspect that this is how each judge worked:

  1. click on project
  2. check submission video
  3. read the submission text
    and if impressed by 2 and 3 then:
  4. try out the app
  5. judge the project by the judging criteria

What happened in the end was that some projects got more votes than some other projects, and as a result of that some projects won prizes and some did not.

So you are telling me that the community developed projects are basically worth nothing, despite all the effort spent in providing applications with real use case, trusted teams, continuous support and community building?

No I’m not saying that, I even think I voted for your project in the community vote. What I’m saying is that the judges didn’t give your project enough votes to get into top 8, in the same way that not every project got into top 8 in community vote (where you did).

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Thank you for the partial answer to some of the concerns expressed here.

As a suggestion for next rounds of hackathons, from a developer point of view: be more specific with the requirements!

One little example: the presentation video on DevPost needs to be around 3 minutes. Some of the winners did a 10 minutes video. We tried to respect that limit, cutting a lot of material from the presentation, so reducing our chances to explain in full extent our project, while others simply did not bother to respect that requirement.

The same goes for the testnet/mainnet thing.

Make clear requirements and enforce them.


Thank you so much, @TronLive !!
Congratulations to all the winners! I’m really impressed with the level of skills and creativity in this season.

We are very excited that we have such an amazing community behind us, without our “Horde”, we wouldn’t be here! So first of all we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that voted for us, supported us and has been with us through this Hackathon! You are our energy and our Force!

As always, we have a lot of things cooking. The TRONBIES team are 3 very creative people that always have new ideas when it comes to development and community building. Our community also come up with many great ideas and give us feedback that we always take into consideration when we plan our next step.

We currently have a NFT staking contract on the testnet that will be done in the near future.
We are also partnering up with @TronNinjas for an epic GameFi Pinball tournament on the 30st of September - 2nd of October! You’re all welcome to participate, by the way!

In the meantime, we are setting up our marketplace, and after that we will begin to scale our marketplace.
We have also a referral program coming up, and will slowly move into GameFi and Metaverse. There are other ideas that still are at an early stage of planning, so it is safe to say that we will not run out of things to develop and create! :blush:

We are here for the long term :smiley: In not long we have our 1 year anniversary, and will definitely think of ways to celebrate this!

You’re all welcome to continue follow our journey and get to know our awesome community on Telegram! I am proud to say that it is a safe, positive, inspiring chat to be a part of with many great tronics!! :heart: Follow the link here: Telegram: Contact @tronbies

Thank you all again, and let’s keep building and inspire each other!


I think you should add a 11th winner to the community prize for @WindsOfChange92. He was always active here, one of the few Level 3 members of the forum and made the most useful thread of all S2, the recap of all participating projects (it’s even referenced by the admins in the main voting thread).

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We do agree with you that @WindsOfChange92 is a great asset! Actually, we don’t choose the community contributors winners, we (and probably a few other teams) were asked to submit a list of great community candidates to TRON and the recommendation lists are combined along with metrics from the backend to pick the community contributors winners.

We also really like the useful post that WindsOfChange did for the community. Hopefully we will see it again in S3!


I’m just here to help! No need for me to win anything. :laughing:


Hey all. First of congratulations to all winners and participants, these were all amazing projects and the competition was stiff.

We truly appreciate the acknowledgement from the hackathon judges and TRON community on votes, likes and comments on Swap Station. At current, we are preparing a holistic development roadmap to take our project out of prototype and one of things that is top of our list is to get enough NFT listings to showcase before we open up the platform.

The hackathon was an amazing experience for us and we have enjoyed it and learned a whole lot. Thank you all again, let’s keep building great things together!

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Wow! This is a wonderful reason to celebrate!
Kattana #1
It was a great event, an awesome hackathon! Special thanks to Tron DAO, judges and everyone who participated, both projects and community members!
Kattana will continue to actively develop Tron network ecosystem

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Good to see you here Kattana @Ilya. Maybe it is a good idea for your team to let the community know when and how they can test out Kattana? Because we know that the project submission to judges may be different than the one that is publicly available on DevPost open gallery.

Looking forward to hearing back.

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With pleasure,
So, the public version for today is in an active testing stage since almost all backend work is finished.
Moreover, it is planned to go in release with 2 more huge updates of the Trading terminal, such as Terminal redesign and limit orders (for EVM networks on the first stage)

It is needed to finalize all the stuff and test it (a lot of times) it could take around 1-1.5 months from now


That’s nice to hear :+1::+1:

So the 1 month timeline is for EVM or TVM

1-1,5 months for complete TRON and BTTC integration public release (DEXs support) and some other huge updates that will be additional and related


We are thankful to the TRON community and the entire TRON ecosystem for the appreciation and for including us among the winners of Grand Hackathon 2022.

Adshares will continue contributing and enriching the TRON ecosystem with Web3 advertising solutions by bringing real benefits to the community. The ADS (TRC20) bridge will allow users to monetize their digital spaces on any metaverse or games built on TRON. To bring a smooth and practical user experience, we will enable metaverses to operate in their native tokens.

We are glad to be a part of the TRON ecosystem and will put our mutual efforts to improve the Web 3.0 and blockchain worlds.


That’s awesome :clap:t2: @Ilya