HackaTRON S4 2023 - Winners Announcements!

Gracias por la actualización

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Congratulations for achieving this great milestones, keep it up :handshake::muscle:

Dear @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon

Regarding to the mainnet requirement We’re honor to announce that TRONSAVE is officially LIVE on TRON NETWORK MAIN NET. For your convenience, you can check our mainnet contracts via this link

  1. Forwarder Contract: TSbK9BH4j124LuGzRbnJ6JyehV6qiypG6L
  2. Relay Hub Contract: TNMdt2ZJhhbFPhuAc41VHLrWJdimtEkQ2R

Tronsave welcomes all Dapp on TRON NETWORK to integrate tronsave to enhance your user experience to a new level. We have a guidance for you, kindly check it here Overview - TronSave

For more details of the product development, we update regularly on our forum post

In addition, we’re starting to launch phase 2 with staking TRX feature. The testnet for this feature will be deployed in the beginning on June, once the this testnet feature is live, we’re happy to have you try this and give us more advices to finalize this feature.

Best regards,



Congratulations for achieving this great milestones, keep on building :muscle:

Hey @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon

We’re pleased to inform you that our project “ProvyLens” has been successfully deployed to BitTorrent Mainnet and is now ready for use.

Here are the links to the deployed contracts:


Hello @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon

We’re honored to announce that SamhitaDAO contracts are deployed on the BitTorrent Mainnet, and the platform is now ready to use.

Here are the links to the deployed contracts:


Thanks you Nwke! It’s our pleasure if you can check and give us some feedback to update our product!

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Congratulations Tronsave!
Your team has done a great wirk, launching your project on the Tron mainnet for the community to utilise. I hope you keep achieving more success with your project, in the future. Kudos guys :facepunch:

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I am happy to receive the announcement of your mainnet launch. This shows your dedication to keep building on the BTTC Chain. Congrats on reaching this milestone :clap:

Congratulations on deploying SamhitaDAO to mainnet on the BTTC Chain. You have achieved such a great milestone and I’m looking forward to more exciting future for your project. Keep building fam :muscle:

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Congratulations to you all for reaching this milestone
Keep building

Congratulations on reaching this milestone

Thank you so much Young!

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Hello @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon

We are pleased to inform you that CarboEx has successfully deployed the smart contracts to the BitTorrent Mainnet and the project is ready to use.

Here are the links of the deployed contracts.

  1. Token Contract: 0x9955a6b3b0025bc9B00246B38C94CFb42999E6d1
  2. Company Contract: 0x72e6d982Fd46FfB0BB697D0C21A9d0cC9A6cB1b9
  3. Dao Contract: 0x2fc5dA502D72E644BA41158f8bb9a035970Fa5De

Enhorabuena, sigan con su buen trabajo

Felicidades por su logro, siga avanzando

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Esto es una buena noticia, buen trabajo

Congratulations team
keep building

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Exciting news! Kudos to your team for a job well done :clap:


Thank you so much Antonio!

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