How safe are links on this forum

Good day Everyone. Please how will I know the safety of all the links posted here? Because some of the project links I’m so afraid to click on them. Please any reported case of any link here caused a problem for users like hacked?


You’re right to be cautious about clicking links online, especially on project boards or forums.

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I have never experienced any troubles with links here in the forum. But we must carefully check who has posted the links before clicking on them. Only click on unknown links when you are using a completely safe device which has no wallets or personal information.


On point bro, with all sincerity scammer’s are everywhere.

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So far so good but personally i dont trust myself so as my brother @HODL said, do your checks before clicking on links. Especially those who asked you to connect your wallet and the one which involves downloading of apps.

My advice, get a separate wallet for testing and be careful when downloading apps. :pray:


Thanks you sir, your reminder about checking links before clicking is very necessary. It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of crypto, and it’s wise not to trust everything at face value especially for folks who are newer to the space.

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Alright sir, I appreciate your contribution that is always a good practice to be cautious online, even in familiar places.

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There’s always a pop up highlight that’s like a thumbnail preview of the link, that’s one way to tell if it a link is legit.

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