How to easily supply and rent energy on Tron

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Figured I would drop a cash back offer and guide here for everyone on how to use, a community driven energy marketplace. First time users can get 5% off of their first energy order by visiting, and then send the transaction hash to me in a comment or DM! provides a single platform for both sides of the TRON Energy market to efficiently meet the demands of both renters and suppliers.

TL;DR version;

For renters
  • When you place your order you get the energy instantly
  • No energy is required to rent energy (even though Tronlink claims you will need it!)
  • Get 5% off your first order at NRG when you use this link and send me the transaction hash of your first order.
For suppliers
  • Energy is sold and delegated through the smart contract, you do nothing
  • Commisions are paid out twice daily in $TRX
  • You can start with as little as 1 $TRX

Here is how it works in more detail;

When you supply $TRX, your $TRX are sent to the NRG smart contract and are pooled with all of the other $TRX that other suppliers have also staked.

You will recieve $NRG tokens back, equal to the amount of $TRX you staked. Example you stake 100 TRX, you will get back 100 NRG. This token is the receipt for your deposit and how you earn commissions on the energy platform. NRG cannot be sent, or traded and 1 $NRG is always equal to 1 $TRX.

When someone comes to rent energy, the $TRX needed to supply the requested amount of energy is staked and the energy is delegated to the wallet address of the purchasers choosing.

Once energy is sold, every supplier earns a commission from that sale equal to their share of NRG.

Example: You staked 100 $TRX and there are a total of 1,000 $TRX taked. So your share of $NRG is 10% of the total pool. Lets say there are 4 energy sales, each sale had a commision of 100 $TRX for a total of 400 $TRX to be paid out as commisions. Your 10% share of the $NRG pool would earn, 40 $TRX for that day.

As a supplier you do not need to find buyers, you do not need to deal with payments, you don't need to do any of the staking or sending out energy. All of this is automatically done by the NRG smart contract.

As a renter, you do not need to find the suppliers, you do not need to message someone your transaction hash or even interact with anyone really. You dont even need energy to rent engery, only the $TRX needed to pay for your rental is needed. You can see how much energy is available to rent immediately, and if you need more, you can see when the next orders are expiring, freeing up more energy

In the past, to have the greatest sucess selling energy on Tron, you needed 100k or more $TRX in your wallet ready to stake. This eliminated a lot of people from being able to sell energy. With, because all supplied $TRX is pooled together, you can get started with only 1 $TRX!

Sounds pretty simple right?
It is. Here’s how to get started with the supply side.

  1. Navigate to (long press to copy link) from your TronLink wallet Dapp browser
    Screenshot 2023-03-05 162203

  2. Click “Rent Energy”

  3. Click “Provide Energy”

  4. Connect your wallet

  5. Enter amount of $TRX you want to supply for the energy pool, and then click “Get NRG”

  • Note $TRX can only be supplied in whole numbers.
  • Minimum stake of 1 $TRX
  1. Ensure you have enough energy or $TRX to perform the transaction and click “Confirm”
  • This transaction at the time of posting costs ~55k - 65k energy. Please ensure you have the energy in your wallet, or enough $TRX for the fees.
  1. Commisions are paid out twice daily, once at 00:00UTC and once at 12:00UTC

  2. Claim under the claim commisons tab. Note this also requires your wallet to have enrgy, or the $TRX to pay for the energy.

  3. When you want to unfreeze, click “Exchange NRG”

  4. Start the 72hr unfreeze timer. This is an unfreezing period of time. Commisions will not be earned once you have started the timer so be sure you are ready to unfreeze before you click.

  5. Once the timer has completed, You are then able to claim your $TRX. Your $NRG tokens will be burned and $TRX unstaked and available in your wallet.

Thats it for the supply side.

Now to rent is even easier,

  1. Click Rent energy

  2. On this next page you will do three things

  • Enter the wallet address to receive the energy
  • Enter the number of days you wish to have the energy
  • Enter the amount of energy you need to rent
  1. Finally Click “Rent Energy” and the TronLink notice will pop up.

*There is no energy charge to your wallet despite what TronLink says. You do NOT need to have any energy in your wallet, the smart contract has the energy ready for you.

I hope that you all find this helpful and are sucessful in earning energy rental fees off of your $TRX bags. Please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any feedback or questions. You may also join the Telegram community for additional support. Telegram: Contact @TronNRG


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