How to get your Basic Trust Level 1 (the easiest way)

Most people new to the Forum always find it difficult achieving the basic trust level 1 and are often discouraged to continue using this lovely site.

Their question they always ask is; “how do i attain this trust level 1”

The things to do to attain trust level 1 has also being spelt out in the site, just that you don’t know where to find it.
I will save you the stress and headaches.

Follow these simple steps and you will find a blog by Jeff Atwood that clearly spells out the things to do to attain Basic trust level 1.

Now lets get to it.


Click on the three horizontal bars at the top right corner


Click on badges

Step 3:
Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you will see “trust level”

Step 4:

Click on the “granted” written in red at “basic” and a discourse blog by Jeff Atwood will pop up.

Step 5:

Read the blog and all there is to do to attain basic trust level 1 had been spelt out there.

Step 6:
Come back and perform all the activities one by one as it has been stated in the blog and you will be on your way to attain trust level one in 15 minutes.

Goodluck and welcome to the TronDao Forum.
Have fun whiles u are being introduced to some of the best projects on the tron blockchain.


would be best to delete this post in my opinion, this will only make it easier for people to create spam accounts…


Thanks for the feedback, but if it was wrong to post this information, the actual blog that was posted By Jeff Atwood in 2018, would have been long deleted by the @admin.hackathon

These are just the steps to the actual information on this same platform. So wanting me to delete is indirectly telling the team to delete that blog.

So far as the blog exist, i will stand by this. If the blog is deleted, u wouldnt even ask, i will humbly delete this.

Thanks again. Peace :v:


I think the access to level 1 has been made a little bit more difficult due to the huge amount of bots and spammers trying to join during hackathon periods.
Also I wouldn’t focus too much on “how to get trust level 1” and a little bit more on “what can I learn from this forum”. Eventually people who are really interested in learning and participating will get there.


Exactly, to me trust level one shouldn’t be the focus. The learning opportunity the forum presents is what keeps me glued to this platform.

But there are people whose focus is on the trust level one. For reasons which are only best known to them.

Directing people to the blog will even allow them to learn a bit more about how to use the platform and not necessarily on how to attain trust level 1.

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Mostly accounts created to vote for the hackathon. Which is fine, but can enjoy being here to also have a look around.

Ok i now get why people are eager to get to trust level one. Just to vote and nothing else.

Then that is bad, the forum has alot to offer.

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Thank you very much for the tips…

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You are warmly welcome, i hope you attain the basic trust level very soon. This Forum has alot to offer, u can even get a deal from one of these projects if u stick around alot to attract their attention.

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Hola, Ciertamente cuando la insistencia de llegar a nivel 1 es prioritaria, es para poder acceder a las votaciones, lo importante de esta plataforma, es poder dialogar, aprender, ver proyectos que realmente muchos son interesantisimos, lo de los niveles es un más a más, que se agradece porque se recompensa la labor que cada miembro hace y sube de nivel, entonces en este caso da valor al foro.

Thanks for the all informations. I ve been trying to be basic for 3 days :face_holding_back_tears: I hope it works :dizzy:


I hope they change the rules for attaining basic level one very soon if only people are using it solely for voting purposes.

why bring in Ghost voters when after winning u cant really deliver any product.
Let the best team win and not someone winning through illegal means.

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Hoping it works for you, also the blog has alot of vital information about how to use the forum successfully. Read it and put the information u will get there into practice. Goodluck


Le agradezco la información.

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You already have the basic badge

Guys no way i try more than 7 days but stil…

You joined 5 day ago :see_no_evil: all together browsed about an hour

Maybe you are not doing something right. Read the requirements again and do them one by one.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: i cant stop laughing.

Ahh yes but in my summary it said 7 days visited that day :face_with_monocle:

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