How to Verify Contract/ Interact with Contract on the FE w/o Verification?

Hi everyone, quick question - do we need to verify contract to interact with it on the frontend? I am trying my best for the last 3 days but no matter what it fails, also deployment was a journey through hell. I have asked already on the forum about deployment a couple of days ago but I only got one answer, and apparently it wasn’t the answer.

What am I doing wrong? Please help me I am getting completely out of my mind!


No need to verify contract to interact with Front end.

Code Which you deployed and code which you uplaod during verification should be same.

Seems like you made some changes.


No changes made at all, anyway I have managed to publish the contracts and verify both on Nile and Shasta testnet. Now the problem is that whenever I want to get contract methods via TronWeb global object I always get the same error like below. I have tried with different contracts and it works.


Verifying the contract is very simple, Make sure the parameters you give in verify phase was exactly the same as the ones used in the deploy phase.


Make sure you give the correct parameters when you create the tronweb instance.


Thank you, I hava managed to verify it only after I deployed on the Tron Scan, but still I have the problem mentioned above.


In the verify page, Tronscan do support lots of Compiler Versions. Make sure you are using one of the compilers in the drop-down list, otherwise it may fail.

or you can use tronscan to deploy the contract, which will have no issue in verify phase. TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器


I did exactly the same thing, still thank you. Verification is not a problem, here you have my deployed and verified contract: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

The problem is that I cannot fetch methods using TronWeb object on the frontend side because I get this error:


does your contract ABI include V2 ABI?

if yes, please create the contract object manually instead of “tronWeb.contract().at”.

Please refer to the guide here: contract


Ohh that’s what I was looking for! Thank you so much, but I think it’s already too late. I will try to combine those things later, anyway thanks!


This forum helps me to understand better!

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Did u make changes to the intitial code?
I think both should be same!

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