How to verify contracts with subdirectory structures in Tronscan with Tronbox

Hi for all! I have some contracts that I publish with Tronbox. The problem I have is that when I try to verify the contracts, as I use OpenZeppelin as a library, I cannot verify them from the Tronscan platform. With Hardhat and other networks, I can do it with a plugin that allows me to verify the contracts, but I cannot find a way to do it with Tronscan and Tronbox. The problem is not with OpenZeppelin itself, but with any contract structure that has includes from subdirectories. This is a significant problem because it does not allow for a coherent structure in large and complex projects. Has anyone experienced this problem and found a solution? In Hardhat, I use the hardhat-etherscan plugin for these cases.

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Same question. Can we have it in tronbox cli?