Is NFT a good tool in a game?

I’m wondering if NFT is a good option in a game. Nintendo public their idea about NFT months ago and they thought NFT and metaverse are very interesting and they were considering whether to join. However recently they decided not to join yet because they can’t understand these topics…Many games may use NFT as one of their features now but is it a future trend or not?


I think NFTs can be partially used in games, but the whole technology is quite expensive and that hurts the game development company or the users.

To tokenize everything in a game is a bad idea in my opinion.

I think you can use custom NFT skins for example, but the question is if companies really want to use the expensive blockchain for that.

Many games already have skins and just use their own databases. They work fine. Also, NFT data would have to point towards a database anyway, so its just another level of complexity…

A good example of a game that uses skins (that have real life value) and uses their own databases is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Ofcourse, (de)centralization is a big topic. CS:GO for example is pretty centralized, the Steam Support has duped several skins in the past for example. But NFT’s aren’t that decentralized as people think. They are just unique tokens on the blockchain that point towards a data string (could be an image) somewhere on the web. That data string isn’t hosted on the blockchain and is mostly controlled by a central identity.


Yes, I think NFT fits the game industry and gamers can earn from it.


I totally agree with your opinion. The Industry needs a way to balance the cost and the future return of using NFT.


Games like Warcraft definitely deserve using NFT,however only very few games can get such achievements.


In some moments, yes in my opinion. They can’t be everywhere though, mainly because signing transactions is both bad UX and expensive.


NFT will really be an awesome reward mechanism for gamers, NFT it’s self is a very awesome tool with very massive potentials when the time comes digital artist will see how awesome it is to utilize these tool for their arts


I probably agree but the game should be put first with some nfts on top at most.

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Yes its a great tool… . awesome

Maybe a decentralized storage service like BTFS or IPFS could solve this problem. :thinking: And imagine “moving” your own NFTs from one blockchain or game to another, while the original file stays permanently in place of storage. Then you could “use” this NFT in several games as an item (skin, weapon, coins,…) :rocket:


I think NFTs are a great reward for game users, they can be bought to unlock levels, and benefits like that

It actually depends on the trype of game
Either Arcade,Sports,Adventure and others that determines the type of work they would put in to get to start using NFTs

Hola, depende del tipo de juego en el que se empleen los NFT y que uso van a tener dentro de este.

True, Tx gas cost might be a deterrent to using NFTs in games.

But i expect Tx codt to reduce as more and more L2’s come into play