How do I get into the NFT business?

I would love to learn more about NFT!


Sincerely I want to get more knowledge about nft’s too.


The NFT standard itself is very powerful my friend. It’s single-handedly creating New Business mottos for Traditional Environments & Industries of All Kinds.
NFT connects Creator & Communities on all whole new level, this can also transition into Products & Consumers. This new realm of Ownership, Meta Data & Public Verifiability develops an organic reset button within our Traditional Lifestyle & Market.
NFTs are so much more than art, the Utility barriers that the standard breaks is mind blowing.
I’m TashLion apart of the LionX project we’re creating an educational network “LionX Academy” it’s a group where people can come to for outlets and resources of knowledge within the Cryptospace. Links will be provided later today .


NFTs in general is concept difficult to grasp at first, but once understood is a very underutilized tool.

So many use cases, outside of Defi :muscle:
(don’t get me wrong Defi is great)


NFT is going higher :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Me too, is there any guide or video; which can teach about NFT from A to Z on Tron Blockchain.


TruQoin is one of the few who understand and display the power of an NFT. Their NFT acts more like a Angle Agreement. Amazing upside on a Defi concept. More than just art - a lot more!


Is there any crypto out there with a real intrinsic value?

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NFTs are making a noise but is it worth it?


I would also love to have more knowledge about NFTS

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Wow! Do you mind telling me more?

There’s a lot to learn to learn from the community stick around mate and you’ll understand the concepts behind it

Am actually thinking that
I recommend it as an amazing project to relate with

True, the NFT world get many attention to use it for art. However it can also be used in whole other topics, like medical records, certification, etc. I have a little the feeling that NFT was a nice hype but it’s going down, because of the many scams. What do you think about this?

What about NFTs do u want ot know