Is the hackathon a fair contest?

It’s fair. I have yet to see a lot of initiatives taken by younger projects to integrate or piggyback off other communities while also being respectful to those communities.

Don’t expect to win if your project has done nothing in terms of getting out to the community or if you have then ask yourself “Why isn’t it working?”

  1. Do AMAs, Introduce yourself among already popular communities within TRON to garner support. (You can find this from season 1) Make partnerships and grow together. Let TRONICS see your effort because most just copy + pastes their presentation from other non-Tron Hackathons.

  2. Make sure your Forum Presentation is mind-blowing, neat, and organized. Please compare these two posts JustMoney, which is very well done, and Market True NFTS. The community can see how much effort is put in by both and all it takes is time to present yourself well to investors and the community.

  3. Try to give updates every day on your project post, you can also start helpful forum topics or discussions. I created the lazy guide for S2 because I knew it would help smaller projects at least get noticed and make things a lot easier for everyone.

  4. Make an official Telegram, post on the Tronix Reddit on Dapp Friday. I see that @ToyoDev from Toyoworld posted and they got a ton of Reddit Tronics commenting and giving feedback, make sure you are using Twitter and the #TRON , #TRX hashtags. These are all forms of self-promotion to garner support.

  5. If your project just isn’t gaining any traction then it might not be what people are interested in. When creating a project you should try first asking what do TRONICS think will be good or need? (This would be a good forum topic to start)

Starting an NFT market on TRON is going to be tough when is already supported by TRONDAO itself. However, BitTorrent doesn’t have one yet. These are questions participants should be going out to ask.

The community prizes are to incentivize projects to do all of the above and grow a base on TRON.

Anyways, if you have 0 community you shouldn’t expect to win the community vote.