Supporting brand new projects

Here to support all the new projects who doesn’t have a shilling telegram / discord communities already. Also found some gem projects that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency/NFTs or greed. True gem projects hidden under shilled projects.

Some community members found evidences of shilling and have provided details in the voting thread.

Would also recommend staying away from projects that have huge salaried teams that voted for themselves and are in the top rankings. Such projects have submitted same projects across multiple categories and trying to create fake buzz shilling their same project as different posts with different titles.

Some projects have literally brand new voters with negligible reading time. What is the value of such fake votes by voters who have voted without even checking the other projects.

I hope the Tron team, judges and community members don’t just focus on trendy projects because of fake shilling and buzz but rather identify true gems of this hackathon that can take Tron to places if funded well and supported.

Wishing Tron Hackathon 2022 Season 2 hackathon participants and Tron team a great success!


On devpost voting is completely done by judges so no community involvement.

Only on the forum community can vote their favourite project and the winning project will earn some extra reward.

So community votes don’t make any impact on devpost results.

If you think your project is true gem wait for devpost results (from judges).


None of the teams in the top currently are “High Salaried” besides Tronverse who is from the SR Tronspark. Some of them are even working for FREE.

How do I know this? Because I have been in the Tron Community for 2 years.

Don’t worry too much about the community vote, focus on the Devpost judging.

Also, if you specifically point out who you think is having an unfair advantage I can bring up some counterpoints depending on the project.


You know, this hackathon is a great way to bring projects and tronics together. New projects are very welcome to reach bigger ones to start some collaborations and synergies.

I feel like your post is spreading the division while we should all be enjoying the moment together no matter the result of the community vote. The main prize (which includes not only money but, more important, visibility and recognition) will be granted by the judges who are currently analysing products/dapps regardless of how big projects communities are.

Bigger projects are easy to reach and always glad to start new collaborations or give a hand/advices if needed. So my advice for new projects team members is to start contacting those bigger projects and think about win-win collab that will benefit the entire community of Tronics. That way you will gain partners, new community members and visibility.


I think you have a distorted view of the established projects that populate the Tron ecosystem. I’m sure of it when i read a reference to “salaries” in your post. No one is getting a salary for this. We do our best to cooperate, build products and partnership to be able to grow and bring new users to Tron. The hackathon is a showcase and every project has the same visibility. Even the organizers believe that having a strong community is positive, otherwise they would not have created a special prize on DevPost, the “Community Prize”.

It’s already been said before that the community prize is little compared to the main DevPost prizes (that’s not only money).


Every Hackathon will have new and old projects … in the long run it’s a process of evolution… the new today becomes old tomorrow… the bigger goal is to create collaboration and increase usage and adoption of Blockchain… as this increases … everyone building benefits :+1::relaxed:


This sounds really nice and completly understandable - tron for success

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Walk under major projects, listen to their orders? What kind of decentralization is this?

@FirstWave You have a very personal idea about collaborations and partnerships.

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I just already saw how it ends. And given the information that other users post about their actions and the fact that they do not want to voluntarily leave the “feeder”, despite the fact that they have already received a lot of money, everything is going to this.

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Wow, I didn’t know you can see the future :thinking: please tell me who will win the world cup, I will bet and we can split the reward :handshake::muscle:

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@fabsltsa You don’t even need to search. Look at the message from @NshowNFT (Уou can see by his avatar that he is either a representative or a user of one of the projects that won last time, Moreover, this is a good and respected project, I myself voted for them last time.). Instead of paying more attention to the words of the topstarter, the words of young projects that the entire forum is full of, as well as my words, and understand that there is a mistake somewhere in the rules (after all, if completely different people and different projects that don’t even know each other talk about this and provide various evidence - it means there is a problem), he starts to provoke me.

In the last month there were about 1400 active users on the forum and those who complain about the rules are a very small number compared to all the others that just want to participate and help making this event a success.
Again, I suggest everyone to concentrate on the end goal, get informed about the projects and vote accordingly.
Complaining about projects that have bigger or established communities does not help IMHO.

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I think some people just get bored seeing all this negativity. You can stay in your corner waiting for things to happen by themselves if that’s what you really want. If you translate partnership and dialogue by submissiveness and obedience, I really doubt about your ability to grow a project successfully.

In the mean time I’m going to help the new projects that have already messaged me here and on Telegram and encourage those who haven’t yet to contact other community projects (big or small) with a positive mindset and the wish to grow together.


It all depends on who you partner with. There are good and honest people, there are bad ones. In any case, if a partnership or something else is imposed in one way or another, this is bad.

Regarding the negative and positive: it is certainly easier to call a defect and its discussion a negative, instead of considering, taking into account and working on the mistakes. Personally, I don’t understand why people add emotions here.

I can’t understand your statement that you already saw how it ends. The judges will decide, not the community :wink: That is why I wrote what I did !

The quantity doesn’t matter. If there is a problem, then it is there and will not disappear just like that.

People do not aim to complain about various violations on the part of large communities, they first of all point to the presence of an existing (or do they write out of boredom - what do you think? :sweat_smile:) Initial advantage, as well as pressure.

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I can pray that all Tron project will be fair and honest for the sake of the community.